Reference number1140
TitlePapworth Village Settlement for the treatment and aftercare of tuberculosis, Papworth, Cambridgeshire
DescriptionRecords of Frank Jordan, honorary 'archivist' of the Village Settlement, including his administrative records, personal records and records relating to Papworth; records collected by Frank Jordan deriving from the Papworth Village Settlement and other sources and arranged by him; official and business records of the Village Settlement, including administrative, estate, financial records, departmental records of the medical, industrial, publicity and appeals departments of the Village Settlement, records of the village societies, personnel records of patients or colonists at the Settlement, records of other local bodies, including the school and parish council and of individuals.

Listed 2003-4 as part of Cambridgeshire Archives Service's Papworth Archives Project, with funding from the Wellcome Trust's Research Resources in Medical History Programme, by Lesley Akeroyd, Project Archivist, assisted by Heather Macleod, Project Officer and Francesca Ashburner, volunteer.

Note: these records are gradually being entered onto CALM. For lists of records not yet on this database, please see the Papworth pages on the Cambridgeshire Archives Service website.
CreatorNamePapworth Village Settlement
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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