Reference number1140/42/6
TitlePapworth Activities: cine film
Description16mm original positive, silent, 325 feet, some slight damage to film.
A list [by Frank Jordan] found in the can identifies the shots as flower show, houses decorated, Kingsley Woods visit, our peacock, Kingsley Woods laying stone, cabinet makers working outside, N Landon, L Ayres, other visitors, children with parcels, staff taking film [EM] Groves watching, Duke of Kent's visit B[ernhard] B[aron] H[ostel] etc. and works, Count and Countess Athlone open surgical and flower show, Peter Fraser showing visitor around with Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones.
Film includes shots of hospital buildings, presentation of trophies, children's races, maypole dancing, men's races, country dancing, musical entertainment, garden party stalls, Pendragon Amusements, hoopla, boys playing cricket, hospital building exterior decorated with bunting, decorated prams, bicycles and carts, fancy dress, Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones and other men indoors discussing papers, peacock, laying of foundation stone, men with camera, charabanc, coconut shy and visitors being greeted and shown round.
Can: Papworth activities edited - kept breaking
CreatorNamePapworth Village Settlement
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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