Reference number1140/42/8
TitlePapworth Village Settlement 1943: cine film
Description16mm positive, sound, 1790 feet, good condition.
Film directed by James Carr
The British Council. World Wide Films. Papworth Village Settlement
The commentary opens with statistics and background to the treatment of tuberculosis. X-rays, sanatoria. Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones founded Papworth Colony to provide purposeful work as an adjunct to recover. Papworth Hall shown as administrative centre, views of grounds, hospital for ill, chalet shelters for convalescents, hostels, cottages, factories. Story of Frank Thompson, a typical patient with tuberculosis Papworth resident. Shows his admission, medical treatment, surgical farm work not suited to urban patients, medical tests to determine fitness to work. Personnel panel meeting to decide on work done by hostel, cottages in village for married men. Village roads, church, cast, hall also used a cinema. A nurse, one of many who were previously tuberculous sufferers. Regular pay and medical care. Scenes at children's clinic.
Can: The British Council. Papworth Village Settlement
Reel 483/F/Pap1943 copy 5
CreatorNamePapworth Village Settlement
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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