Reference number588/T/123
TitleGift in frankalmoign of messuage with croft in Toft, formerly donor's father's except garden from donor's wall to road, and 4 seliens in Toft Field.
DescriptionRobert, son of Hugh of Toft, to the church of St Giles of Barnwell [ie Barnwell Priory] and the almoner of the house. Witnesses: Lord Walter de Merc, Lord Alan de Turri, Luke of Eversden ('Euersdon'), Robert Wynemer, Ralph Finor, Thomas of Hardwick ('Herdwic'), Robert of Hardwick, Alexander the clerk, William de Clyve, Ralph de Westrete, Adam Weriel, William Page, Alan the doorkeeper ('janitore'). Entry fine: 11 marks. Traces of green wax seal on twisted seal tag. [Date: Walter de Merc floruit 1217-1248 (Farrer, Feudal Cambs, page 226); Alan de Turri floruit 1237-1250 (Liber Memorandorum de Bernwelle, page 148, 244); Ralph Finor floruit c. 1232/1233 (Cambs Fines, page 17). The deed is a in a fine charter hand suggestive of an early date].
CreatorNameCotton family of Madingley and Landwade
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives

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F/0003Cotton; family; of Madingley Hall and Landwade; Baronets Cotton1423-1871
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