Reference numberR58/5/10
TitleG.N. Maynard manuscripts: Volume X. Sawston, Duxford, Hinxton and Ickleton.
DescriptionIncludes (all referring to Whittlesford unless otherwise specified): Notes relating to Babraham (pp. 180-185); Print of Cambridge Castle, 1769 (p. 77); Print of Cambridge Castle, nd (18th century) (p. 83); Notes relating to Duxford (pp. 196-300); Printed rules and regulations of Duxford Friendly Union, 1823 (pp. 213); Passport of Reverend J. Moreland of Duxford, 1844 (p. 218); Notes relating to Hinxton (pp. 302-365); Notes relating to Ickleton (pp. 373-510); Bill relating to Ickleton parish, 1857 (p. 464); Plan of a Roman villa in Church Field, Ickleton, nd (p. 464); Notes relating to Pampisford (pp. 186-195); Notes relating to Sawston (pp. 1-154); Note to overseer about Bray family, 1800 (p. 223); Note to overseer about Sim Robinson, 1800 (p. 223).
CreatorNameGeorge Nathan Maynard of Whittlesford
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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