Reference numberR58/5/4
TitleG.N. Maynard manuscripts: Volume IV. Antiquities of the Hundred of Whittlesford.
DescriptionIncludes (all referring to Whittlesford unless otherwise specified): Printed map of proposed navigable canal from Bishop's Stortford to Cambridge, surveyed by order of City of London in 1779 and 1780 by Robert Whitworth, circa 1780 (p. 82); Map of Icknield Way crossing stream at Ickleton and its auxiliary crossing same stream at Whittlesford, nd (p. 2); Plan of Stourbridge Fair, copied from original in British Museum, 1775 (p. 374); Plan of Stourbridge Fair, 1775 (p. 383); Printed bill advertising entertainments at Fair, circa 1790 (p. 384); Print of Catledge (Kirtling) Hall as it stood in 1800, 1800 (p. 284); Receipt for payment of rate to repair Shire Hall at Cambridge, 9 November 1777 (p. 112); Harrick Turtle to William Blow, receipt for rent for her maltings, 15 May 1764, and receipt for £7 0s 9d for barley, 21 September 1795 (p. 74); William Blow, bill to the parish for timber, 1798 (pp. 125-126); MS facsimile of Grant of messuage and Swann Ground for 3 pounds of saffron, William Taylor of Whittlesford Bridge to Laurence Whiskin of Duxford, 20 October 1673 (p. 66); Bond to perform covenants in indenture of even date by which John Yardley and Ann his wife granted messuage and Swanns Ground to John Cornish, John Yardley of Bugden, Hunts, to John Cornish of Duxford, 10 May 1697 (pp. 72-73); Memo of agreement to pay all rates on his house at the Bridge's foot, Whittlesford, Thomas Ewing of Cambridge to officers and people of Whittlesford, 3 July 1731 (p. 17); Correspondence with Linton Union about conversion and letting of parish property, 1868-1871 (p. 146-160); Linton Union ruling about expenditure of poor rate on parish property (printed), 25 November 1869 (pp. 144-145); Linton Union, demand for £130, September 1873 (p. 162); 12th Annual Report of medical officer of health for Linton Union sanitary district, 1885 (p. 164-166); Sketch map showing Hovel Close, Elburn's Close and Camping Close, nd (p. 99); Plan showing junction of parishes of Whittlesford, Pampisford, Hinxton and Duxford at Whittlesford Bridge, nd (p. 29); Medical sanitary report on old workhouse, 8 October 1853 (pp. 136-138); Parish charges concerning proposal to pull down parish house, and alternative proposal to let property on a repairing lease, 1872 (pp. 162-163); Overseers' accounts, 1654 (pp. 367-372), 1655 (pp. 365-366); Overseers' bills, thatching gild hall, early 18th century (p. 129), burials, 7 May 1730 and 11 June 1730 (p. 121), building house for parish, 18th century (p. 126), work done at new house, 18th century (p. 127), coffin for pauper, 18th century (p. 123), paupers in workhouse, 1800 (pp. 130-131), bricklayer at workhouse, 1800 (pp. 127-128); Bills for work done at Gild [Guild] Hall, 1776 (p. 117), at Gild Hall, 177? (2 bills) (p. 177), at Gild Hall, 1777-1778 (p. 118), at Gild Hall, 1780 (p. 124), at Gild Hall, 1783 (p. 106), at Gild Hall 1786 (p. 124), at Mark Rename's house for the town, 1791 (p. 125), at Gild Hall, 1791 (p. 157), for making a wash cleer at Gild Hall, 18th century (p. 128); Magistrate's warrant appointing Thomas Banks and Henry Turnall overseers, 15 April 1729 (p. 120); Descriptive list of paupers in the workhouse, 1801 (pp. 132-133); Thomas Cambridge's receipt for rent for the maltings at Whittlesford Bridge, 22 February 1798 (p. 75); Demand for £20 5s to repair road in Whittlesford parish from clerk to trustees of Stump Cross Turnpike to surveyors of highways, Whittlesford, 10 March 1869 (p. 19); Receipt for hearth tax on house in Littlebury, Essex, 28 November 1689 (p. 262); Certificate of burial in woollen, Essex, 15 April 1709 (p. 122).




CreatorNameGeorge Nathan Maynard of Whittlesford
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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