Reference numberR58/5/5
TitleG.N. Maynard manuscripts: Volume V. Social Customs. Notes on Rural Industries, Meteorology, Diaries, &c.
DescriptionIncludes (all referring to Whittlesford unless otherwise specified): Printed sketch of Coronation Fete on Parker's Piece, 28 June 1838 (p. 185); Printed bill advertising bazaar at Duxford, 1856 (p. 307); Order to publish name of Whittlesford man to train with Cambridgeshire militia, 7 August 1858 (p. 311); Wages paid to harvesters and details of harvest, with political notes, by William Blow, September 1795 (pp. 40-41), September 1797 (pp. 42-43); August 1798 (pp. 44-45), August 1801 (pp. 46-48), September 1801 (pp. 49-51); William Blow, recipe for sheep wash, 11 February 1794 (p. 49); William Blow, receipt for rent, 20 October 1800 (p. 197); Clerk to the Peace to overseers, order to make alphabetical list of all qualified in respect of property as voters for the county, 9 June 1858 (p. 303); Printed handbill against the establishment of Cooperative Stores, 1867 (p. 308); Printed programme of Harvest Fete at Parsonage Farm, 9 September 1869 (p. 23); Copy of register kept by James Jackson, shoemaker, of happenings in Whittlesford, mainly births and deaths, continued from 1869 by G.N. Maynard when it became a general diary, 1832-1874 (pp. 200-294); Extracts from Nathan Maynard's diary, 1837-1838 (pp. 468-484); Printed list of articles for sale in Nathan Maynard's ironmongery and general shop, circa 1860 (p. 454); Book endorsed 'Small-pox Hospital', expenses incurred in fitting up old lodge stables for a temporary hospital, and for the relief of small-pox patients, 1872-1873 (loose); Bond to perform covenants, Robert Rumball of Colchester to Robert Mortlock and Robert Storey, overseers, and William Coult and Michael Knight, churchwardens of Whittlesford, 21 May 1648 (p. 67); Oath of John Arnoll, overseer, concerning arrears owed on bastardy order, 15 February 1822 (pp. 304-305); Removal order for William Newton and family of Lakenheath, 5 July 1828 (p. 310); Sale particulars for goods of William Thurnall, 14 June 1821 (pp. 296-297), sale particulars for Charles Thurnall's museum, household furniture, and mill implements, October 1854 (p. 309); sale particulars for Whittlesford Mill, 3 December 1858 (p. 300); Memo in favour of continuance of subscriptions for Whittlesford Sunday School, and list of subscribers, 17 March 1831 (p. 61); Contributions for Red Cross to help in relief work during Franco-Prussian War, 1870 (p.320-322); Collection for entertainment held in Whittlesford to celebrate restoration to health of the Prince of Wales, 27 February 1872 (p. 323); Land tax assessment, 1830 (p. 312); Bill, Sairy Barnes, dressmaker, 19th century (p. 198).




CreatorNameGeorge Nathan Maynard of Whittlesford
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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