Reference numberR58/5/6
TitleG.N. Maynard manuscripts: Volume VI. Whittlesford. Charity School, Hundred Rolls extracts, Domesday extracts, &c.
DescriptionIncludes (all referring to Whittlesford unless otherwise specified): Note from Thomas Chamberlin of Thriplow, 1840 (p. 134); MS facsimile of extracts from Domesday Book about Hundred of Whittlesford, with translation, 1086 (pp. 223-257); Extracts about Whittlesford from the Hundred Rolls, with translation, 1274 (pp. 153-207); List of out-door poor, 1871 (p. 470); Printed list of articles for sale in G.N. Maynard's shop, January 1864 (p. 143); Copy of deed of conveyance of land for building new (National) school, with plan, 23 December 1858 (pp. 97-102); Printed poster advertising sermon on opening of new (National) schools, 2 November 1859 (p. 108); Committee's appeal for building new (National) school with list of subscribers (printed), 1859-1860 (pp. 103-106); National school treasurer's accounts, 1860-1861 (pp. 109-110); 2 letters about rent, 1864 (pp. 128-129); Printed articles of agreement of Whittlesford Union, 1 January 1793 (pp. 402-408); Articles of Benefit Society of Tradesmen of Whittlesford (printed booklet), 1823 (p. 411); Rules of Whittlesford Union Society (printed booklet), 1834 (p. 410); Articles of Benefit Society of Tradesmen in Whittlesford (printed booklet), 1852 (p. 412); Rules and accounts of first working men's reading room at Whittlesford, 1854 (p. 421-422); Printed accounts of second attempt to form working men's hall at Whittlesford, 1865 (pp. 424-431); Printed bills of entertainments at working men's hall, and reports of committee, 1865-1879 (p. 431-469); Rules of United Villages Cricket Club, with signatures of members, 1854 (p. 470); Printed rules of Whittlesford United Villagers Cricket Club, nd (p. 470); Agreement that income from Ciprion's lands be put to common town charges only, 9 June 1625 (p. 123); Bill for building footbridge at 'the Plash', April 1770 (p. 221); Bricklayer's bills, February 1858 (p. 126), April 1859 (p. 125), 1862 (p. 127);
Extract from will of William Westley of Cambridge, founder of Whittlesford School, 18 August 1723 (probate 18 August 1723) (pp. 5-7); Accounts of Westley's Charity, receipts and disbursements, 1738-1859 (pp. 23-63); Copy of orders of trustees of Westley's School, 1749-1756 (p. 7-8); Copy of decree in Chancery concerning Westley's School, 29 July 1772 (pp. 17-22); Lists of children clothed by Westley's Charity, 1794-1802 (pp. 78-79); Settlement between William Blow and occupier of Westley's School lands in Hempstead, Essex, for payment of land tax and quit rents, 1795-1796 (p. 80); Copy of survey of lands at Hempstead belonging to Westley's School, 12 April 1806 (p. 70); Copies of 2 letters of Ebenezer Hollick, trustee of Westley's School, about management of Westley's Charity, 6 July 1848, 24 November 1849 (pp. 71-72); Printed orders of Charity Commissioners concerning appointment of trustees for Westley's School, 2 April 1889 (p. 139).




CreatorNameGeorge Nathan Maynard of Whittlesford
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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