Reference number148/2/557
TitleLease and Release
Description1. Joanna Cutts, spinster. John Russell of Elsborough, Bucks. Esq. and Johannah his wife. Margaret Acton of Basingstoke, Co. of Southampton, spinster. Sir Francis St. John of Thorpe als. Long Thorpe, Northants. bart. Robt. Petty of Middle Temple, London Esq. John Petty of Middle Temple, London, gent. John Acton of Basingstoke Esq. 2. Thomas Bacon of Grayes Inn, Mddx. Esq. Manor of Swavesey, Cambs. Hobbledods and Bennetts in Swavesey and demesne lands to both and all freehold messuages tenements lands meadows etc. in Swavesey and Over, Cambs. and apps. and all Royalties Courts Leet, Baron and all profits therefrom + farmhouse in Boxworth and milking yard of 1a and Home Close of 5a 3r 28p Common Highway West and Long 1a. South and Barn Close of 3a 36p and Farm Close of 9a 36p and 14a 1r 20p in Highfield + 9 sellions of Rectory land + 9a 2r 20p + White Pitts of 16a + Smallbrook of 12a 3r. + Red Isle + Westfield + 8a1r 20p etc. In Trust as directed by last Will of Josiah Bacon. £9700 As discharge of mortgage on above said lands to 1. + 5/- to Francis St. John, Robert and John Petty.
Date11 and 12 Apr. 1717
CreatorNameThornhill Collection
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0010Thornhill; family; of Diddington Hall11th Century-Present
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