Reference number148/2/717
TitleMarriage Settlement
Description1. Miles Barne of Sotterley, Suffolk, Esq. and Mary his wife. 2. George Thornhill of Dodington, Hunts. Esq. 3. Sir Stephen Anderson of Park St. Mddx. Bart. Richard Stratton of Charlton, Kent. Esq. George Barne of London, Esq. Recites:- 19 Sept. 1752. £2,000 From George Thornhill as marriage portion of his dau. Mary, and real estate due to her after her father's death. Miles Barne pays £5,000 for a £7000 dower. Instead transferred annuities to same value to Sir Stephen Anderson, Richard Stratton and George Barne. Now: these 3 trustees are to hold the £7000 at 3% annuities in trust, a). For Miles Barne-yearly dividends and interest. b). Same to Mary Barne after Miles decease. c). If Mary Barne comes into the freehold lands which Miles Barne had, then £7,000 annuities to be disposed among their children. d). If no children, money to go to Miles Barne. e). Trustees can sell and reinvest the annuities. f). Marriage settlement of George Thornhill Sarah Barne of 19 and 20 Apr. 1733- Benacre, Dingle, Great Thornham, Wickham and Sketh in Suffolk to go to George Thornhill's children, (i.e. Mary, now wife of Miles Barne) to be held by her and his other children as tenants in common. g). When Mary receives these lands, they are to be conveyed to Trustees to the use of Mary and Miles Barne. h). Annuities can be sold to acquire property in fee simple with consent of Miles and Mary Barne, or Miles and Mary Barne and Trustees of George Thornhill deceased.
Date30 Jan. 1753
CreatorNameThornhill Collection
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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