Reference numberBLC3
DescriptionThe financial functions of the Bedford Level Corporation were carried out by Receiver General and the Auditor.

The Receiver was responsible for the Corporation's finances: he compiled the Corporation's accounts and brought them and the corresponding bills and receipts before the Auditor, received the drainage taxes due on the 95,000 acres of Adventurers' lands, received the rents for Corporation properties, paid the Superintendents their allotments for carrying out necessary works in their drainage districts, paid interest on Corporation bonds, and produced the annual arrears rolls.

The Auditor examined the Corporation's accounts, checked all bills, created the engrossed Account Books (BLC3/1/1) and produced the annual [printed] abstract of the accounts (BLC3/1/4). These accounts were then presented to the Corporation at their annual April meeting, where they were examined again and finally passed. The Receiver General was paid a salary of £120 per annum for discharging his duties, an allowance for stationary, and a fee for every receipt he made out for more than 10s. On his election, the Receiver General was required to enter into a security for £10,000, to ensure the faithful discharge of his duties. The Auditor was paid a salary of £100 per annum for discharging his duties, and also received an allowance for stationary and his travelling expenses.

The Bedford Level Corporation primarily banked with Messrs Child and Co, but they also held bank accounts with Messrs Gurney and Co, Messrs Hollick and Co and cash accounts (for the convenience of the Receiver General) with local banks in Wisbech and Ely.

The Receiver General and Auditor were elected annually at the April meeting.

The position of the Receiver General was held by William Jessop c 1650-1651, George Dalton between 1656-1663, Robert Mingay between 1663-1689, Roger Jenyns Jr between 1689-1699, Sir Roger Jenyns between 1699-1725, Edward Partheriche Sr between 1725-1728, Robert Lightfoot in 1728, Edward Partheriche Jr between 1728-1730, William Cole between 1730-1731, Francis Pemberton between 1731-1738, Humphrey Smith between 1738-1743, Gotobed East between 1743-1750, Whetham Robinson between 1750-1751, John Drage between 1751-1760, John Waddington between 1760-1790, James Golborne between 1790-1819, Hugh Robert Evans Sr between 1819-1851, Hugh Robert Evans Jr between 1851-1871, Ebenezer Bird Foster between 1872-1909 and Edmund Parker between 1909-1920.

The position of the Auditor was held by Richard Marryott between 1663-1703, two of the Conservators between 1703-1704, Ralph Pierson between 1704-1711, John Chicheley between 1711-1717, William Fortrey between 1717-1723, Francis Pemberton between 1723-1726, Nathanial Green between 1726-1729, Thomas Dixon between 1729-1730, Francis Pemberton between 1730-1731, William Plaxton between 1736-1745, Owen Fann between 1745-1749, there was no auditor between 1749-1752, Benjamin Woodward between 1752-1757, Charles Nalson Cole between 1757-1805, William Saffery between 1805-1812, Robert Bevill between 1812-1824, Francis King Eagle between 1824-1825, Steed Girdlestone between 1825-1842, Thomas Archer between 1843-1849, William Marshall between 1849-1889 and Heber Gambling Martin between 1890-1920.
Date1650 - 1920
CreatorNameBedford Level Corporation
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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