Reference numberCB/12
TitleCambridge Town Court of Pleas
DescriptionThe contents of each bundle of case papers (CB/12-6-51) will be pertinent to the particulars of the case, typically you can expect to find a combination of the following documents:

Affidavits (depositions or statements) from court officials testifying that they have served writs (court orders.) This will often be a writs of summons, a court order served on a witness to appear before the court.

Affidavit from the attorney stating he is appearing as representative of plaintiff/defendant.

Declaration: a written statement submitted to a court in which the writer swears 'under penalty of perjury' that the contents are true. Declarations are normally used in place of live testimony when the court is asked to rule on a motion.

Cognovits, a written confession of an action by a defendant, subscribed but not sealed, and authorizing the plaintiff to sign judgment and issue execution, usually for a sum named. It is given after the action is brought to save expense. A cognovit actionem is an acknowledgment and confession of the plaintiff's cause of action against the defendant to be just and true.

A demurrer: a request for a lawsuit to be dismissed on the grounds that no legal claim is asserted.

Judgement roll containing outline of case, settlement, and costs and a breakdown of solictors costs.
CreatorNameCambridge Town Court of Pleas
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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