Reference numberCB/2/CL/2
TitleAgenda and committee reports for Council Meetings
DescriptionThis series of agenda and committee reports contain agendas of issues to be discussed at quarterly and monthly council meetings including copies of reports submitted by committees for discussion or approval at the publicized meeting.

The titles given to these volumes have changed at intervals during the 90 years they cover reflecting different practices in recording agenda, committee reports and Council minutes in a single or multiple volumes.

Early volumes, called Reports etc, contain an agenda which contains the minutes of the previous meeting and Committee reports in the body of the text under agenda items. Although surviving volumes between 1900 and 1940 retain the name Reports etc. I believe that two volumes were created, later series named Summons (Agendas and reports) and Summaries (Summary minutes and reports). This series currently contains a mixture of both formats but an imminent deposit from the City Council will hopefully rationalize this. From 1941-1967 the practice reverts to the original method of recording all in an individual volume containing an agenda followed by minutes of the previous meeting and reports for consideration. The bound collection was titled Council Minutes and reports. From 1968 the series was again separated this time called Council agenda and recommendations of Committees (agenda) and the second called Record of Council and Committee decisions, (minutes.) As the function of these records was to record the information provided to council members for discussion in council meetings I have called them all Agenda and Committee reports but I have recorded the given name in the description.

Indexes to the agenda, minutes and committee reports have been compiled and attached to the front or rear of the volume from 1889-1950. From 1950-1974 the volumes are not indexed.

Copies of other documents up for discussion at Council meetings are also included, examples of which are: lists of Committee members for election, lists of offices such as Mayor, Aldermen, Councillors, Ward Aldermen, and officers; and lists of constables. Reports were submitted to each council member with the agenda to be read before the meeting. In addition to Committee reports, which were arranged alphabetically by name of committee, copies of reports and annual reports by officers such as the Medical Officer of Health, the Borough Surveyor, and the Chief Constable; copies of byelaws; regulations; provisional orders; royal commissions; letters submitted for the attention of the council; printed copies of petitions and memorials; and amendments to legislation needing consideration; would be submitted with the agenda and report papers and kept as part of the official record. Further records kept in these volumes include printed abstracts of accounts of the borough; and authorization for Committee claims against the Borough Fund and the District Fund.

CreatorNameMunicipal Corporation of Cambridge
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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