Reference numberCB/2/CL/31
TitlePropaganda leaflets, notices and articles written by the Imperial Fascist League sent to City Councillors
DescriptionIndividual series were sent to the following councillors: F Doggett, Mr Harnold, Mr EH Church, Mr AW Dilley, Mr G Edwards, Mr R Elsden, Mr A Eraut, Mrs Hartree, J Harwood, R Hensher, JG Kenney, E Saville Peck, FL Priest, WR Stanton, SH Stokes, HE Stubbs, WH Swift, AC Taylor, SH Taylor, Mrs Webber, WJ Wing, Dr CGL Wolf, and Dr Alex Wood. All the leaflets are stamped "no connection with Oswald Mosley." None of the letters were originally opened, a sample were opened for the purposes of cataloguing the collection. The contents of one envelope has been retained and one sealed copy.
CreatorNameImperial Fascist League
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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