Reference numberCB/2/SE/3
TitleAssociated Technical or semi-technical services
DescriptionThe work of the Associated Technical or semi-technical service was divided into four main categories, building inspection, town planning, heating and electrical engineering and property repairs and maintenance.

Town Planning

All plans submitted to the Council, whether for Town Planning Development approval or for approval under the Building Byelaws or both, were dealt with by the Plans inspector. He was responsible for examining all plans, sections, drawings, and particulars deposited in his office for proposed streets, roads, new buildings, alterations and additions. The building inspector worked under him specifically to inspect buildings during construction and report issues to the surveyor.

The plans inspector was also responsible for the inspection and supervision of works executed by the council on public carriageways, footways, repairs and cleansing works for sewers, drains and watercourses. He issued permits for opening of roadways and footways, sewer connections, erection of temporary scaffolding and hoardings, was responsible for local land charges enquiries, supplementary enquiries and maintenance of register under the Town and Country Planning Act 1954, street (re)numbering, and the maintenance of plan registers and building byelaw registers.

Building inspection

The building inspector and his assistant were responsible for routine on site building inspections against plans submitted under building byelaw regulations, the factories acts, acting on reports of dangerous buildings and structures, applications for temporary buildings and structures, and improvement grants. The building inspector's index (CB/2/SE/3/10/1) reflects the day to day activities of the building inspector as it evidences the dates and times of site visits, and the relationships with the Medical Officer of health and the Surveyor. Most of the surviving records within this series relate to the functions and activities of the plans inspector.

Heating and Electrical Engineering

An engineering assistant was responsible for the maintenance of heating and electrical installations for the Guildhall, and schools and education facilities. Activities included the design of heating and electrical installations, boiler insurance and inspection and reports on conversion schemes.

Property repairs and maintenance

A property manager was responsible for the repair and maintenance of all properties (excluding education and school health service properties) supervising a work force of over 100 works staff required to maintain 7000 council houses.

His duties included valuations inspections and reports on all properties offered to the council and fire insurance, control of installations of equipment paid for by tenants, repairs chargeable to tenants, inspections on properties at change of tenancy, administration of public baths, preparation of specifications for improvements to council housing and external painting schedules.
CreatorNameMunicipal Corporation of Cambridge
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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