Reference numberCB/2/TR
TitleTreasurers' records
DescriptionThis series consists of records created by and held by the Borough Treasurer or Chief Accountants Office.

A review of the City Administration in 1959 outlines that the Treasurers department was divided into the following sections: internal audit, rating and cashiers, accountancy, salaries and wages, housing and welfare and entertainments. The records pertaining to housing and welfare have been catalogued under their own department and records relating to entertainments can be found under committee files. It has not been possible to accurately reconstruct the records of the Treasurers department along the lines outlined in the 1959 report.

The series comprises treasurers' accounts, 1835-1974: including a treasurer's account book, receipt and disbursements account books, treasurers' receipt books, diaries, abstracts of accounts, epitome of accounts, balance sheets, district and borough fund personal and impersonal ledgers, capital account ledgers, private and public works ledgers, a periodical income ledger, deposit accounts, sent out accounts, statutory financial statements, income and expenditure accounts, expenditure and income codes, and vouchers.

Valuation records, 1860-1972: including valuation lists, supplemental valuation lists, valuation apportionment forms for industrial hereditaments, and valuation fact books, 1928.

Rating records, 1890-1977: including general district rate books, rate account ledgers and cash books, general rate estimates, a ledger of property occupied and rate paid by Corporation Committees, and a register of rating agreements with owners.

Loans, mortgages and investments, 1872-1964: including loan sanctioned registers, a sinking fund register, abstracts of stock accounts and redemption fund accounts, a register of regulations as to issue of county stock, local bond registers, a stock dividend fund account book, ledgers of Corporation redeemable stock and deeds of transfer, volumes of sundry documents relating to stock accounts, dividend books of Corporation stock, registers of mortgages, a register of sewerage loans and investment accounts, and a register of assets and liabilities.

Elementary Education Committee Accounts, 1903-1945: including Elementary Education ledgers, and volumes of balance sheets of expenditure and income of the Education Committee.

Accounts of the Corporation as the Urban Sanitary Authority, 1890-1895: including weekly financial statements, weekly account books for payments and deposits of rates, treasurer's account ledgers, and abstracts of accounts.

Market accounts and toll collections, 1861-1961: including market toll collection registers, market toll collectors weekly pay sheets, receipt books for rental of stands in the Corn Exchange, a road toll collection register, a cattle market expenses account book, and a cattle market petty cash account book.

Accounts relating to police pensions, 1856-1945: including an account book for the police superannuation fund, home office returns of police pensions, and a register of pensions.

Records of the treasurer's minor responsibilities, 1856-1945: including cash account books for payment of wages and weekly salaries, militia commissions and warrants for payment from the Borough treasurer, registers of allotments, a wages account book for the 1st Eastern Hospital, an assisted housing ledger, a cash receipt book for tickets sold to the Pitt club British restaurant, an account book of sales at Cherry Hinton Hall nurseries, and a fees register for the Crematorium.
CreatorNameMunicipal Corporation of Cambridge
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives
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