Reference numberCB/4/1/2
TitleMinute book 1 Dec 1801-23 Dec 1817
DescriptionThis volume was not originally indexed by the clerk. The following index was compiled in 2010:

The lamplighter and scavenger are so regularly being criticised for failures not all of these have been indexed: scan the book for details. There are also numerous other references to their work, new lamps needed, etc.

Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1801 6
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1802 23
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1803 40
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1804 60
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1805 78
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1806 102-3
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1808 151, 163
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1809 166
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1810 182-184
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1811 198, 200
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1812 217, 219
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1813 242
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1814 261, 265, 267
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1815 292, 296-7
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1816 318, 320-1
Accounts (Commissioners) to June 1817 349, 351-2
Advertisement for lamp lighting to be placed in newspaper 7, 104, 123
Advertisement for letting paving tolls to be placed 13
Advertisement for scavengers to be placed 16
All Saints Church Yard: channel 225
All Saints Church: projecting spout 312
Almshouses near Free School Lane: alteration 258
Ammunition Depot report 227
Apthorp (Dr): pavement from house to Downing College 175
Apthorp, Dr: path from house to Parker’s Piece and Conduit Head to be inspected 94
Apthorpe (Mr): fined for a wandering pig 228
Atwood, Mr: allowance of 2s-6d for obstruction of gate by dirt 79
Audley (Mr): crossing from his gate to Mount Pleasant 154
Balls (Mr): cartway to yard 177
Banbury:, John: exposing goods for sale 357
Barker (Mr Rusk[?]): to take down rail at Tib Row 118
Barker, Mr Field Dunn: permission for arch for coals 267
Barnet, informer 216
Barnwell bank ploughed by Mr Preston to be restored 91
Barnwell Causeway improvements 347
Barnwell enclosure: to be monitored to protect watercourse 85,98
Barnwell enclosure: water course reserve 97
Barnwell footpath to be gravelled 304
Barnwell Pond emptying 347
Barnwell Street: muck and dirt nuisance 100
Barnwell: footpaths to be gravelled 90,93,94
Barnwell: new tenements 259
Barnwell: removal of obstruction in walk to 264
Barnwell: use for scrapings from Mr Buckleigh’s plantation 279
Baron (Mr): paving of Sparrows Lane 184, 187
Barrett (Mr): application for vault under pavement 263
Barrett, George, and Gifford, Joseph: fines mitigated 185
Bartlett, Robert, given half Mr Hatch’s lamp-breaking fine 252
Bartlett, Robert: lamp proposal 354
Bastock (Mr): convicted of allowing carts to obstruct street 159
Bays, James (jnr): windows of house in Trumpington Street Arcade not to project 19
Beale’s farm: road alongside in St Peter’s and St Giles to be repaired 85, 93, 107
Beales (Mr): crossing to counting house at Newnham 233
Beldham (Mr), Brown (Mr) of Barnwell: payment 218, 229
Beldham (Mr), of Barnwell: street projection 217-8, 232
Bell (Mr) and Pretlove (Mr): building land to be inspected 141, 144
Bell Lane improvement: negotiations on costs, etc 98,99,101,111
Bell Lane: building to be erected by Mr Palfrey 74,75
Bell Lane: negotiation with St Neot’s on maintenance 86,100
Bevan (Mr) of Leighton Buzzard, to act as surveyor 298
Bichins[?], George: fine 204
Black Bear: remove boards near Market Street [?illegible surname] 251
Bleet, Robert, sexton of St Mary’s, sweeping 138, 145
Blott, Constable: retaining offender 364
Boards warning persons not to leave teams, wagons or carts 239
Bond (Ald): Ald. Newling and Mr Thomas Holstead as securities 124
Bond (Ald. John): application to plant trees 145
Bond (Mr): house in St Andrews St. to be inspected 143
Bond, Alderman: to present securities 123
Borlase (Mr): pavement behind gardens in Emmanuel Lane 113-4, 143
Bottolph Lane and Free School lane: Yorkshire Paving 313, 314
Botton (Mr), distress, admiral Nelson 37
Bowles (Mr): application re ditch filling from workshop 120, 121, 124
Bowley, Mr William, of Bishopsgate St.: lighting 202, 221, 230
Bradley/Bradwell, Mr: breaking up pavement without leave 47
Bradwell, Mr D: application is use water 247
Brazen George Yard passage: inspection 206
Brazen George yard: lamps to be put up 89
Brett (Mr): gravel before house 328
Brick barrel drains: Kings Ditch to River 288
Bridges on road to Newnham to be repaired 14
Briggs and Belsham: nuisance fines 326
Broadbelt (Mr): alterations to house 174, 184, 189, 202
Broadbelt (Mr): fine for dung in drain 230
Broadbent (Mr): opening for coals 232
Brown (Mr) of post office: arch for coals 354
Brown (Mr), Lawrence (Mr), Down (Mr): cleansing pavement 231
Browning (Mr): premises at Barnwell (re: Inclosure) 349, 350
Browning, Henry: to be asked to desist from shoeing and exercising horses in the streets 84
Browning, Mr H.: not to shoe stallions in the street 237
Bul [?But] Green gate removal 305
Bullen (Mr): ditch in Barnwell Lane 185, 220, 279
Bullen, Mr Mark, to take scavengers job 71
Buller, Mark, to be paid £5-12s-6d 33
Bullock: spout on side of house in St Andrew’s parish to be altered 44
Burbridge, Mr: bow window to be taken in 95
Burleigh (Mr): lamp at new causeway 307
Burliegh (Mr): bridge near Barnwell Field 207
Burn, John, of Bugdens Yard: proposal for lamplighting 268-9, 271
Burrell (Mr) to have leave to lay a pipe from Mr Redheads 73
Burridge to remove dunghill at Barnwell 266
Canal Bill: consideration of 190-1, 195, 197
Casburn (Mr): straying pigs 196, 213
Casburn and Wright: sale of land 22
Caspar, Jonas: informing 204, 251
Catley (Mr): building land inspection, and a ditch 143, 164
Cecil (Mr): to remove apple stall from Jesus College wall 282
Cellar window alterations, accommodation during 337
Cellar window: Mr Oker applied for leave to make 19
Cellar windows throughout town to be inclosed 311
Cellar windows to be kept shut 360
Cellar windows: general rule (re James Bays) 21
Cellar windows: Mr Dickerson , Mr Law, Mr Pleasance, Aldm Gurford, Burbidge & Barker, Backer, Robinson , Townsend , Mr Fisher, Edmunson 312
Channer, Richard of Rotherhithe: executor to lamplighter Vie 266
Chase (Mr): place for coals 256
Chesterton Lane: lamps on posts 153
Christ College pieces: reward for detecting person laying filth there 114
Christ College wall: drains under in a noxious state: to be inspected by Messrs Hovell, Cory and Paris 71,72
Christ College: walk alongside to be repaired 32
Claydon, John: ditch near allotment and East Road 279
Coach duty to be paid to Mr. Gedding by the clerk 9
Coe, Mr R.B. (Attorney): application for cellar window in St Sepulchre’s 178
Coe, Mr: petition on behalf of Horse and Groom Yard (King’s Ditch, Dolphin Lane) 54
Committee for auditing accounts 6
Committee to enquire into liability for repair of road not covered by Turnpike Acts 1
Common sewer sluice at Botanic Garden to be kept clear 325
Conduit to Nine Wells: inspection 263
Contract for lease of tolls 1
Contract for lease of tolls 2
Cook (Mr): cellar window in Pump Lane 358
Cooper, Jonas, informing 223, 228-230
Copings in Mr. Borlases’ walk, Emmanuel Lane, Haggerstone’s house, Beales’s house 143
Corporation quota 6
Costin, Wm. Papworth, Wm. Haslop, Robt.: sums to be paid them 74
Cotton (Mr): complaint re watercourse 148,150
Cotton (Mr): new erection called the Bell 317
Couldery, William: proposed lamp-lighter at 15s-6d a lamp for 7 months 64
Coulson (Mr): causing obstruction 199
Counting house at Newnham, crossing to 233
Cows on pavement: printed notices prohibiting them to be issued 74
Coy (Mr) of Milton: fine for shewing stallion 275
Cresswell (Mr) of Maids Causeway: lamp 236
Crossing: Downing College to Botanic Gardens 258
Crow (Mr): house opposite Catherine Hall 337
Crow (Mr): permission for cellar window 295
Cusper (Mr): cellar windows 225
Custance, Mr: condition of Tennis Court Road 84
Dalby (Mr): fined for laying muck in Free School Lane 220
Day, Mr: bill for construction work 6
Day, Mr: to be replaced as Surveyor due to ill health 25
Deighton (Mr): building scaffold in Green Street 257
Deighton, Okes, Marsh (Messrs) to inspect drain from the Rose to John Latchfield 127
Diamond Court: inspection 357
Dickenson (Mr), bookseller: cellar window in St Edwards Lane 267
Ditch from Christ Pieces to Jesus Lane to be cleaned 20
Ditch from Downing College to Town Gaol needing maintenance 179
Ditches on boundary at Downing College land 57
Dixon, William, contract for scavengers work 93,105,194
Dixon, William, paid £19-1s-6d bill, re: rubbish and stones 51
Dixon, William, proposes to undertake scavengers contract, paid £6-7s (1805) 72,73
Doggers to superintend the sluice in the place of Robt Haslop deceased 77
Doggett (Mr) neglecting watercourse 148,150
Doggett, John: complaint re ‘injuring’ brickwork 259-261
Dolphin Lane to be repaired 81
Dolphin Lane: committee for paving 248
Downing College drain to Pembroke Lane 119, 121
Downing College: drain nuisance 327, 344
Downing Ditch past Mr Finch’s Close 187, 220
Drain in St Andrews Parish to be repaired 33
Drains and ditches committee 287-293, 295, 312
Drum Coffee House yard: nuisance to be reported by Messrs Kelty, Wheeler, Paris, Hovell 80
Dungay, Henry of Kings Road Chelsea: appointment as lamplighter 80,105, 107, 125, 148, 164
Dunghills on new common 347, 350, 352
Eaden (Mr): survey of new house 204-6
Eden, Mr John: open pavement to lay a pipe 239
Edleston, John: scavenger’s contract 53, 59, 138, 158
Edwards (Mr): altering house in Trinity Street 239, 241
Edwards, Richard: bid for tolls accepted, sureties from James Burliegh and William Pepper 250
Edwards, Richard: tolls (he signs) 335
Elger (Mr): projection in Bridge Street 360
Emannuel [sic] Lane to be repaired with gravel 14
Emerson occupying Mr Broadbelt’s house 174
Emmanuel Lane to back gates: new paving 340, 341
Emmanuel Lane: take down trees in front of house of Mr Pearce White 98
Emmerson (Mr) of Broadwick house: alterations 172
Encroachments in Silver Street by Coe, Hodson, Deighton, Bootham, Tunwell, Wellett, Merrill, Wiley to be removed 29
Farrant (Mr): erecting a fence at Barnwell 339
Farrant, John Clayton, John Bullen (Revd): nuisance at Barnwell 261, 275
Farrant, Robert: fine 204
Farrant, Robert: land in East Lane, Barnwell 327, 329, 330-1, 334
Fenn, Cross, Leach: fined mitigated 229
Finch, Joseph: permission to stop water 58, 115
Finch, Joseph: remove posts at house in Spitalhouse End 174, 176
Finch, Mr. C.: place for taking coals 246
Fined 5/- for exposing items beyond line of windows: John Wallis, Richard Nixon, Joseph Symonds, Henry Hinson, John Kitchens, Joseph Asplin, John Johnson 251
Fines reduced: John Yarrow, Thomas Cockle, William Inglett, Thomas Godfrey 318
Flower stands at windows: handbill forbidding 152
Footpaths at Jesus College and Barnwell: repair 274, 276
Footpaths to be surveyed by Mr Stanley 15
Fordham (Mr David): to remove chaise from street near his stables 67
Free School Lane water pipe 91
Free School Lane: wall inspection 322
Freeman, John, porter at Magdalen 87, 130
Freeman, John: drains at Magdalen College 196
Freeman, John: payment to widow 211
Friston (Mr): too find lamps 148
Fuller (shoemaker), Warren (fishmonger): steps before houses 133
Gardener, Mr James of St Giles: scavengers dung 352
Garlic Fair Lane repair 362-3
Garlic Passage: lamps to be installed 188
Garlick Fair Lane posts to be re-erected 158-9
Garlick Fair Lane to be repaired with gravel 36
Gaylor, Robert (jun): encroachment on footpath, ref to enclosure 266
Gedding, Mr: to be paid coach duty 9
Geeson, Charles, of Hemingford: fined for sitting their Cash in the street[?] 226
Gerald, Wm: penalty reduced 238
Gibson (Mr): cellar window opposite Catherine Hall 220
Gillam, Mr. Mark, Pavement from hospital past house 106,113
Goade, John: allowance for the Union Coffee House 299
Goadwen fined for washing chaise 212
Godmanchester Turnpike Act: termination in Cambridge 233, 234
Gog Magog hills: road towards hills to be inspected for repairs 146
Golland (Mr), bow windows to be taken in 38
Goods before houses: handbills prohibiting 248
Goodwin, Mr: trees by house behind Emmanuel College be taken down for road widening 84,87,88,91
Gotobed (Mr): alteration to house 221, 222
Gotobed (Mr): leave to lay drain through Botanic Garden 132, 136-7
Goudge (Mr), pavier: paid 11,121, 359
Grace (in Latin) passed by senate 9
Great Bridge: consultation with Mayor and university 50
Green (Revd), of Trinity College: demolition of Edward’s and Woolard’s houses 241
Green Street: lamp to be put up 86
Griffiths (Mr): fine for shewing stallion 267
Hall & Henson (Messrs): nuisance from wagons standing 50
Hall (Mr) of Haverhill: fine for leaving timber 326
Hall (Mr): necessary at Barnwell 261
Hallack (Mr): grocer, fined 304
Hallack (Mr): post at shop 139
Harris, bricklayer: Downing College drain to Pembroke Lane 119
Harrison, Benjamin: repaired lane near Honey Hill 93
Haslop, Elizabeth: to be paid 12s. 80
Haslop, Mr: to be paid 12s 35
Haslop, Robert, gave up business of maintaining sluice and watercourse 31
Haslop, Robert, paid 15s for doing Fortius drain 45
Haslop, Robt. Costin, Wm, Papworth, Wm.: sums to be paid them 74
Haycock, Robert: straying pigs 216
Haymarket: request for removal 319
Headley (Mr): crossing at house in St Andrews 362
Headley (Mr): fence before house 270
Headley: damage to lamp 339
Henley Walk: to be enclosed from Bowles’s to Parkers Piece 180
Hinnell, Wm and Miss Smith of Market Hill, complaint re: projecting funnels 51
Hiron and Throwers shop, crossing from King’s College 37
Hodges, Mrs, baker: repair of cellar windows 8
Hodgson, Mr, printer: bill to be paid 7
Hodson, Mr: to remove projection made to his house late Turnbulls 66,73
Hog Hill, committee to report of protecting pavement from cattle 74,75,76
Hog Hill, footpath to be made before houses 44
Hog Hill, posts and nails opposite 57
Holstead, Mr Thomas, and Ald. Newling securities for Ald. Bond 124
Honey Hill and Mr Beale’s farm: road alongside in St Peter’s and St Giles to be repaired 85,93,107
Horse and Groom stable yard drain: to be made underground again 44,45,52
House numbering: proposal for St Andrews, Bridge and Trumpington Streets, and St John’s Lane 130
Hovell and Eaden (Messrs): payments, inc. due to John Burn 294, 350
Howes, Mr: repair of cellar windows 8
Hudson (Mr): printer paid 256
Hudson, Thomas: scavenger’s contract 213, 257
Humfrey (Mr): gravel footpath 344
Humfrey (Mr): lamp for new house opposite Downing Grounds 180
Humfrey (Mr): new house to align with Mr Cory’s 209-211
Humfrey (Mr): work at house in Emmanuel lane 316, 320
Humphreys and Pepper (Messrs): fence on Parkers Piece 108,110, 112, 114
Humphreys, Mr Charles: qualified as a commissioner for Gt. St. Andrews 111
Humphries (Mr): appeal against charge re Hog Hill 116, 117, 122
Hunfrey (Mr): tunnel under Maid’s Causeway 239
Hunnyburn (Mr) and Freeman (Mr) to remove timber in Christ College back lane 84
Hunnyburn (Mr) and Freeman (Mr): repair to drain in yard 99
Hunt (Mr): repair of street near Huntingdon Turnpike 327
Hustler, John, of Newmarket: fine mitigated 251
Hyde Park Corner: removal of stagnant water 267
Jackson, Jonas: penalties 208
James, William: cellar window 214
Jesus College and Christ College Piece: tunnel and ditch from Brewhouse 278, 281, 285
Jesus College Close: water overflow 339
Jesus College, building in King Street 237
Jesus Lane drain to Garlic Fair 306
Jesus Lane: new buildings to align with Mrs Stiles’s and Mrs Webb’s 222
Jesus Lane: two crossings 239
Jud, Mr Robert: window in Pump Lane to be brought within line 89
Kent, Thomas, lamplighter: monies paid 341, 346
Kent, Thomas: proposal for lamp-lighting 324
Kidman (Mr), Taylor (Mr), Smith (Mr): not to leave hides in market 228
King, Enoch: pavement repair 355, 356, 360, 365
Kings Street drain maintenance 241
Knights Almhouses: projection from 317
Lamp contract with Thomas Osborn to be discontinued 53
Lamplighter bill to be paid 7
Lamplighter, fined for defaults 35,46-50, 92
Lamp-lighting contract: £200 allowance 252
Lamps at Bennet Church, Trinity Church and St Clements Church 33
Lamps to be funded at 3s-5d a lamp 30
Lamps to be installed 12,13, 358
Lamps: at Shelley Row, and advertisement not to be broken 34
Lamps: new burners to be installed by Mr Vie 247
Lamps: payments to Lewis, Leach, Burrage, Alger, Waller, Benstead, Apthorp, Pamplow 195
Lamps: Senate House passage and Porter’s Street 134
Lane from Mill Lane to Little St Mary’s paving, cost too high 11
Lane from Mill Lane to Little St Mary’s to be paved 10
Latchfield, John: drain to property 127
Layton, John of Fulbourn: conviction for leaving skins in street 362
Lee of Barnwell: fine mitigated 282
Lee, porter of Christ’s College: fine mitigated 230
Lewes (Mr): constable 336
Lewis, Wm: paid for watching 253
Lighting: advertisements in papers 79
Lighting: letter from John Burn of Southwark requesting payment of debt (insertion) 35
Linton, John: cart in Wheeler Street 357
Linton, Mr: window in Union Street to be brought within line 89
Lun’s House in Botolph Lane: pavement needed 167
Lyon, Mr: house on Hog Hill 45
Macnamara, Mr: fine for breaking lamps 52
Magdalen College drains to be taken care of by the porter 66
Magdalen: widow of porter applied for arrear due to her husband for cleaning drain 67
Maid’s Causeway: tunnel under 239
Manure depositary needed 139
Manure in the streets: advertisement 326
Marsh, Deighton, Okes (Messrs) to inspect drain from the Rose to John Latchfield 127
Marsh, Mr: footpath from his premises to Christ College back gate to be inspected by commissioners Brown Butcher and Finch 59,61
Marshal (Mr): rebuild house even with Mr Gillam’s 211
Mason (Mr): repair to footpath from Mr Farrant’s house in East Road 337, 353, 356
Mason (Mr): straying pigs 206
Mast (Mr): fence ground in Regent Street 311
Maudlin Street, Huntingdon Turnpike, St Giles: repair 363-4
Mayhew, Wm., of Godmanchester: fine 161
Micholston[?], Mr Salman: fine for goods before door 226
Mill Lane and Bird-bolt Lane to be repaired 64
Mill Lane: repair to quay at bottom 97
Miller, Mr: pump near house opposite Emmanuel College 128, 130
Miller’s pump, St Andrews St: grate 222
Mortlock (Mr): pavement before coach-house 263
Mortlock, Alderman C.J.: oath for acting as commissioner 113
Mortlock, Frederick: payment toward the water-pipe in Free School Lane 91
Moule, Stephen, of Walden: breaking slabs at St Botolph 170
Mount Pleasant Road to be repaired 155
Musgrave, Mr: pathway, and a conduit, by his houses in Walls Lane to be repaired 83
Nelson Place, Barnwell, Wellington Row: new lamps 275
Newby (Mr): cellar window in Green Street 339
Newham, road leading to 1
Newitt, Mr: complaint on nuisance from butcher’s stalls projecting 44,45
Newling (Ald.) and , Mr Thomas Holstead: securities for Ald. Bond 124
Newling and Jackson (Messrs) of Bridge Street: not to put things out at their door 30,47
Newling and Sanders (Messrs) of Bridge Street: to take in their windows 30
Newman, Philip: house inspected, with Bell Lane 96
Newman, Philip: nuisance from carts 260
Newnham, road in: Mr. Humfrey’s alterations 250
Newnham: footpaths to be inspected 94
Nicholls the crier paid 88
Nichols (Mrs): cleaning and waiting 227
Night soil and filth 354
Oath: memoranda of those taking the oath, 1817,1816,1813,1814,1815,1805, 1806,1807, 1808,1810. Oath printed on p376 366-380
Obsorn, Thomas, lamp-lighting at 15s. a lamp for 7 months 41,53
Oker (Mr) applied for leave to make cellar window 19
Okes, Deighton, Marsh (Messrs) to inspect drain from the Rose to John Latchfield 127
Osborn, Thomas, awarded lighting contract 44
Osborne, Thomas, lamplighter: petition by widow for remission of fines 63
Page, Mr: fine mitigated 92
Palfrey, Mr: building to be erected in Bell Lane 74
Papermills Road opposite Guens Shephard’s Terrace: ditch to be filled 95
Papworth (Mr) of Milton: fine 204
Papworth, Wm. Haslop, Robt. Costin, Wm: sums to be paid them 74
Parish (Mr): cellar window 243
Parker’s Piece fences 101
Parkers Piece: tunnel to Weldersfin’s[?] house 130
Path by Jesus Wall to Maids Causeway 306, 307
Pavement from hospital past Mr. Mark Gillam’s house 106,113
Pavement from Mr. Cooper’s to Mr. Inorflocks[?] 222
Pavement in St. Michael’s parish (and elsewhere) to be repaired 66
Pavements (foot): Regent Street, Newnham and Jesus Lane 364
Paving tolls to be let by public auction 248, 250
Paving tolls, advertisement for letting 36
Paving tolls: advertisement to be placed 13
Paving tolls: public auction 333, 335
Payments made to Robert Haslop, W. Dixon, Wm Collins, Fisher and Beales, Favell, Russell, John Scott, Tompson 69
Peace, W.: setting back house 274
Peas Hill drain by Mr Faclins[?] to be repaired 66
Pemberton (Mr) re Tuslove’s potatoes 43
Pembroke Lane: cleaning drain at 216
Pennington, Isaac, complaint about overflowing ditch 10
Pepper and Humphreys (Messrs): fence on Parkers Piece 108,110, 112, 114
Petition to University Senate re interest on unpaid debt 8
Petition to University Senate re interest on unpaid debt 9
Pevers, Thomas: fine for obstructing Street at Red Cow reduced 160
Phillips, Mr J.: application for lamp 254
Physic Garden: board prohibiting filth 161
Pontage Commission: application to Vice-Chancellor 17
Pound Hill to county Gaol: road to be repaired 85
Press (Mr): King’s Street buildings lack gutter 325
Preston (Mr), surveyor of Barnwell Road: fill ditch 237
Preston, Edward: fine for wandering hog 237
Preston, Mr: ploughed the bank in Barnwell: to be restored 91
Pretlove (Mr) and Bell (Mr): building land to be inspected 141
Pretlove (Mr): to replace grate and remove timber in Barnwell 157
Prior, Mr Stephen: payments to 317
Pryer, Stephen, to be paid £3 87
Pryor, Mr Stephen: lamplighting 186, 192, 201, 203, 210, 215
Pryor, Stephen: lamplighting 301, 302
Pump Lane: Mr Robert Jud’s window to be brought within line 89
Purchas, Alderman: complaint that Great Saint Andrews St. is badly swept 66
Purrant[?] (Mr), butcher: fined for throwing hides 228
Queen’s Ditch: nails to be repaired 130, 179
Randall, E: payment 356
Rates: rise 15d in the £ 285
Red Hart Yard: lamp needed 106
Red Lyon: way at back ‘stopt up’ 118
Reeves, James: hall keeper 344, 359
Regent Street: William Turner’s proposal for drainage 281, 282
Repair of road leading to Newham 1
Richardson (Mr): straying pigs 213, 216
Riley, Revd, of St Johns, refused to pay paving toll 36
Road from Emmanuel College to Newmarket Road 319, 322
Robinson’s Buildings, King Street 318
Rootham, John, carpenter: payment 249
Rose-Gate to Angel-gate Way drain to be repaired 65
Rotham, John, 10s-6d allowance for altering front 33
Rowele (Mr): fined for wandering pig 228
Russell, Wm: bill for cartage 111
Russell,, William, paid £4-1s for stones 33
Safford, Thomas: drain through yard 351
Salmon (Mr): house in Sidney Street 313
Sandiford (Mr): fine for not sweeping 229
Scaplehorn, Robert: paid £15 for altering house in St Edwards Lane 77
Scavenger defaults 67, 127, 135
Scavenger laying dirt near the town 294, 303, 322
Scavenger to ring a bell on coming in to a street 83
Scavenger: applied for a quarter’s salary, but complaints 58
Scavenger’s dirt and muck: to find a proper place 77,79,158
Scavengers contract: advertisement to be placed 16,17,18, 114, 353
Scavengers sweepings 224
Searle, John: proposal for work on watercourse accepted 28
Shelford Moor: watercourse to be cleaned out 74
Sidney College Master’s house: paving 359
Sidney: master to be asked to regulate sluice in garden to prevent overflow 91
Sill (Dr): complaint re drain at house 142
Slaughterhouse Lane: lamp, posts 155, 167
Smith (Miss), Goodenough, Cook, Coulson, Pleasance: throwing filth 223
Smith (Mr) of Silver Street: cellar window 246
Smith (Mr): alteration in Dolphin Lane 247
Smith the Wheelwright to alter water cart 160
Smith, William, to succeed John Freeman 211
Smith’s tenements in Bird-bolt Lane: post to be removed 129
Snow: disruption from heavy fall 255, 257
Sparrow, Stephen: not to wheal dunghills into the street and leave them 228
Sparrows Lane to be inspected for repair 32
Spinetto, Marquis: crossing in Jesus Lane 315
Spital House watercourse: handbill forbidding ducks, filth, or carpet beating 149
Spital House: drain needed 118
Spittal house end: handbills about filth 212
St Andrews Street water course obstructed 246
St Andrews Street watercourse: alteration considered 80,81
St Edwards Lane: posts to prevent horses’ entry 153-4
St Giles Church: additional lamp to be erected 71
St Mary’s Church: north side paved with gravel 230
St Peter’s Street and Lane: repair, lighting 190
St. Edwards Lane pavement repairs 105
St. Peter’s lane: dangerous state 209
Stanley (Mr): salary 359
Stanley, Joseph: complaint about lamps 253
Stanley, Mr: to stake out banks of watercourse to Trumpington outfall 29
Stanley, Mr: to survey footpaths 15
Stanley, Mr: toll collector, allowed 5% for collecting 37
Stanley, William: salary as scavenger 249
Starmer, Richard: fence alteration 347, 352
Stephens, Ralph: scavenger 343, 344
Stevens, Mr Ralph: proposal as scavenger 314
Stevens, Mr Ralph: proposal for scavenging 282
Stones, cargo of 168 stones 345
Storeys Charity almshouses: posts and nails removed 99
Street names: proposal for putting up 129-131
Street sweeping: handbills 363
Street-sweeping: handbills to be distributed 88
Stretham, William Paul: broken lamp 236
Swann (Mr), baker: fines for his cart in the street on Sunday, and for pig 226
Sweeping without watering: fine 185
Tennis Court to Trumpington Road put into repair 299
Thackeray (Mr): complaint about broken lamps 254, 335
Thanksgiving for the peace 21
Thompsons Lane: finish paving 132
Three Tuns in St Edwards parish: nuisance 260
Tibb Row (Great St Andrews): nuisances 325
Tofts (Mr) and Hunnyburn (Mr) to remove rubbish 61
Tofts, Mr James, to take up scavengers contract 34
Tolls remain unaltered: Mr Stanley allowed 5% for collecting 37
Tolls, contract for lease 1
Tolls, special meeting on collection 15
Tolls: opinion to be sought 16
Tomson (Messrs): encroachment at Garret Hostel Bridge 360, 365
Tomson, Thomas: leave to pave up Spittalhouse 230, 269
Townsend (Mr): fine for running wheelbarrow 213
Trinity College: tree lopping 274
Trinity Parish to put up posts and nails 84
Triston, John, proposal for lamp lighting 7, 41, 64, 125, 164, 202, 354
Triston, John: to furnish wanted lamps 80, 105, 221, 244, 301
Trumpington enclosure commissioners require drains 20
Trumpington Street Arcade: windows of house of James Bays (jnr) not to project 19
Truslove (Mr): report on encroachments 165
Tuck, William: paid for paving 336
Tung (Mr): cellar window 301
Tunwell (Mr), Baker: making alteration to his window so it projects into street 68
Turnbulls (house late called) : Mr Hodson to remove projection 66
Turner (Mr): house in Union [?] Street 258
Turnpike Act for road Fenstanton to Cambridge 232
Tuslove, Mr: report on overfall and Trumpington Enclosure 26
Tuslove, Mr: stone steps to be levelled 62
Tusove (Mr) planted potatoes on the watercourse bank in the part granted to the town 42
Twiss, Mr: repair of cellar windows 8
Underwood, Matthew, contract for lease of tolls 1
Underwood, Matthew, contract for lease of tolls 2
Unicorn Yard: drain application 341
University quota payment (see also annual accounts) 6
University Senate: interest on unpaid debt, petition 8
Vie (Mr. J.H): lighting contract 245, 246, 256, 266
Waggons in street: fines on Richard Goulding, Edward Camps, William Ashley, William Pale, Richard Hopkins 333
Wagstaff and Paul (Messrs): not to set things in the street 132
Wagstaff, Mr Thomas; recompense re: an encroachment in Trinity Parish 178
Wagstaffe (Mr): alteration to house in Market Street 299
Wales Lane: new Tunwell to be put down 91
Wallis (Mr): cellar window in St Edward’s Lane 358
Wallis (Mrs): fined for wandering pig 228
Warren (fishmonger), Fuller (shoemaker): steps before houses 133
Warren, Mr Bedell’s apprentice: fine mitigated 230
Warren, Mr George: scavenger 115, 128
Warren, Mr George: snow clearing account 139
Waste water from Trumpington: formation of a committee 24
Waste water: committee to investigate dispersing 76
Water cart to be provided 355
Water in town ditch overflowing 10
Water Lane, Jesus Lane, Garret Ostle Lane: cesspools not cleaned 67
Water pipe to Castle Yard Well for St Peter’s and St Giles’ parishes 51, 56,57
Watercart to be provided for watering the streets 72
Watercourse from Lime Wells to Cambridge : manor of Trumpington 23
Watercourse from Trumpington straightening: advertisement for work 27
Watercourse, two bridges to be built 31
Waterway: Nine Wells, Pembroke Hall, Kings Ditch, Emmanuel College 287, 290
Welemot (Mr): vault for coal 198
Wentworth (Mr), builder: alterations at Spinning House 231
Wheeler (Mr): cellar window 186
White, Mr Pearce: lamps moved 350
White, Mr Pearce: to take down trees in front of house in Emmanuel Lane 98
Whittred (Mr): Crossing at house 284
Whittred (Mr.): leave to take part of the footway at Newnham 252, 283
Wiley’s house in Silver Street: encroachment 134, 141
Wilkin (Mr): building hear Beldham’s house 232
Wilkin (Mr): encroachment by house in Barnwell 273
Wilkin (Mr): pebbles for paving 230
Wilkins (Mr): lamps to be put up near house 13
Wilson (Mr): alteration to house in Emmanuel Lane 153
Windows in Trumpington Street Arcade house of James Bays (jnr) not to project 19
Wonfor, William: enclosure in St Giles, with plan 193-4
Worts’s Bridge to Mr Carey’s: lamps to be installed 188
Worts’s Donation: trustees requested to move stone from Parkers Piece 112
Wright and Casburn: sale of land 22
Wrought iron order 311, 359, 360

Commissioners who sign their names to the minutes (at least once: see also the signatures to the oaths on pages 369-380)

John Archer, 56; John Audley, 76; H Beales, 11; SP Beales, 19; Charles Blick, 345; Thomas Bond, 11; J Bones, 68; JD Borton, 19; Chas Bottomley, 108; Thomas Broadbelt, 231; GA Browne, 340; Thomas Browne, 8; Richard Buck, 31; John Butcher, 56; Uriah Butcher, 129; Richard Comings, 240; John Cory, 11; John Deighton, 76; Thos Dickes, 340; E Foster, 365; Robert Gee, 320; Edward Gillam, 2; W Gretton, 31; William Gurford, 44;
Burwick Harwood (Sir), 173; NL Hendry, 11; John Hibbert, 240; John Holden, 8; William Hollick, 25; John Hovell, 13; Thomas Hovell, 19; Chas Humfrey, 340; JS Kelty, 22; Thos Markham, 159; Henry Marshall, 240; John Mortlock, 56; W Mortlock, 365; John Newby, 340; Timothy Nutter, 2;
Thos V Oakes, 2; Thomas Paris, 2; W Pearce, 8; J Pennington, 20; John Purchas, 57; Wm Scott, 100; Richard Simpson, 12; Jacob Smith, 15; John Smith, 2; HY Smythies, 52; J Sparrow, 244; Joseph Stanley, 142; Frederic Thackeray, 246; Frederic Thackeray, 345; Thos Thackeray, 82; Thomas Todd, 14; Rich Wheeler, 80; Pearse White, 340; Wm Wilson, 21.
Date1 Dec 1801-23 Dec 1817
CreatorNameCambridge Improvement Commissioners
RepositoryCambridgeshire Archives

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F/0003Cotton; family; of Madingley Hall and Landwade; Baronets Cotton1423-1871
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