Reference numberCON 2/5/3/1
TitleMarriage Articles (Agreement and Deed to Lead Uses of Common Recovery)
Description(1) John Heathcote, Conington, Esq. (2) George Thornhill, Diddington, Esq. Mary Anne Thornhill, spinster, dau. of George, an infant under 21. (3) Thomas Forsyth, Upper Wimpole St., Middx., Esq. Snowden Barne, Inner Temple, Esq. Recites: (i) Intended marriage between (1) and Mary Anne Thornhill, with consent of George T. (ii) (1) under will of his gndfather, Sir John Heathcote, Bart, being entitled to an estate in tail male in several manors in Hunts. (iii) Agreement under marriage settlement that (1) would settle part of said manors of £1,400 yearly value to use of himself for life and then to M.A. Thornhill £1,200 annuity for jointure and subject thereto to use of heirs male in tail male. If none to use of (1) and heirs for ever. And that (1) should charge other part of said manors with £6,000 for younger children or with £12,000 for daus. if there is no son. Now in consideration of this and of £4,000 from Geo. Thornhill to (1) for marriage portion and what Mary Anne will get on her father's death. (1) agrees with (3) to suffer a Common Recovery next Michaelmas of said manors and lands, and convey part of them of £1,400 yearly value to (3), on trust to provide M.A. Thornhill with said annuity after death of (1). And subject to that to use of sons of said marriage in tail male. If none to use of (1) and heirs for ever. And that (1) will demise other sufficient part of said manors to trustees appointed by (1) and Geo. Heathcote for a term to raise said portions for younger children or daus. Usual covenants.
Date5 Nov. 1799
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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