Reference numberCON 3/1/4/8
TitleAssignment of Term
Description1. Charles Jennens, Gopsall, Leics, esq. 2. Thomas Hart, Warfield, Berks, Esq. and Jane, his wife; Thomas Bowdler, Ashley, Wilts, Esq. and Eliz. Stuart, his wife; Frances Cotton and Mary Cotton, Stretton, spinsters. The 4 women being heiresses of the late Sir John Cotton. 3. Daniel Rich, Sunning, Berks, Esq. 4. Arthur Annesley, Inner Temple, London, Esq. Nicholas Brett, Spring Grove, Kent, clerk. 5. Taylor White, Lincolns Inn, Mddx, Esq. 6. Sir John Heathcote, Normanton, Bart. Recites: 1) Release of 12 May, 1739, by which John Cotton, the elder, and John Cotton, the younger, released to 1. Manor and lands in Conington; Manor and lands in Stretton; all lands in Hunts in estate of Sir John Cotton, decd. to 1. to suffer Common Recoveries to use of John Cotton, the elder, then to 1. and Robt. Pulleyn for a term of 1,000 years to raise £3,000 apiece, for the 4 daus. of the said John Cotton, the elder. 2) Death of John Cotton, the younger, before his father, on 15 Nov. 1739 without issue; marriage of Jane Cotton, 22 Oct. 1740; Marriage of Eliz. Stuart Cotton, 1 May, 1742; attainment by Frances and Mary Cotton of 21 years. 3) Death of Sir John Cotton, 27 March, 1752, w.m.i., leaving will of 8 Apr. 1750 leaving his lands etc. equally between his 4 daus. 4) Marriage articles of Jane Cotton and Thomas Hart 22 Oct. 1741. 5) Marriage articles of Eliz. Stuart Cotton and Thomas Bowdler, 30 Apr. 1742. 6) Deed of 7 Nov. last assigning trust of 5) to 4. 7) 4 daus. becoming entitled to lands of Sir John Cotton, except Manor of Glatton-cum-Holme, with lands. 8) Agreement of 6. with 2. to purchase Manor of Conington with apps. and advowson of Conington Church. 9) Interest on sums of £3,000 under trust of 12 May 1739 paid. 6. wishes 1., as surviving trustee, to assign term to him. 1. willing to assign term to a trustee of 6's on payment of the principals of £3,000. 10) Payment by 6: £3,000 apiece to Frances and Mary Cotton: £3,000 to 3., surviving trustee, for Jane Hart; £3,000 to 4, trustees for Eliz. Stuart Bowdler. 11) The £12,000 being part of the £52,500 to be paid by 6. for Manor of Conington. 1. by payment by 6., having executed trusts, agrees to assign to 5, Manor and premises for the residue of the term of 1,000 years. 12) Conveyance of Manor of Conington with messuages and advowson of Conington Church to 6. Now for the £12,000 paid by 6., and 10/- by 5. to 1. - 1, with consent of 2, and at nomination of 6, assigns to 5, residue of term, in trust for 6. Endorsed: receipts of several sums of £3,000.
Date19 Oct. 1753
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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