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TitleDeed to Lead Uses of Fine (Release: copy)
Description(1) Robert Wilmot, the elder, Osmaston, Derbys. Esq. and Ursula, his wife, who was one of the daus. and co-heirs of Sir Saml. Marrow of Berkswell, Warwicks, Kt. and Bart, decd. (2) Robert Wilmot, the younger, son and heir app. of (1), and Catherine, his wife. (3) Edward Wilmot, Esq., Middle Temple, London Robert Charnell, late of Swepston, but now of Parkington, Leics., gent. (4) Thomas Allestree, Alvaston, Derbys, Esq. and William Huddesford, Bereton, Warwicks, clerk. (5) John Eardley Wilmot, Inner Temple, Esq. Recites: (i) Lease and Release of 20/21 Jan. 1729 and the following fines and recoveries. (ii) Sale of some of the lands of 22 Jan. 1729 by (1) and (2). (iii) (3) to have by said Lease Release £200 out of Newton Grange to pay to Ursula Wilmot alone. Now for settling following lands to foll. uses, and for 5/- apiece to (1), (2) and (3) to (4). (in possession by lease of yesterday). Manor of Osmaston, Derbys. with all apps. Messuage in Osmaston where (1) lives. All lands of (1) and (2) in Osmaston. And all lands there received by a deed of 12 Jan. 1703. Tythe of corn and grain in Osmaston and the tythe hay of all tythable lands in Osmaston Moor Meadow. And all lands of (1) and (2) in Weston-upon-Trent, Derbys. And all the west moiety of the ground called The Hollow as formerly divided. And all lands of (1) and (2) in Burrow Ash and Spoondon, Derbys. And all divided moiety of Newton Grange and lands there of (1) and (2). 1/5th of the manor of Rushton Spencer and lands there. And all lands of (1) and (2) in Audley, Staffs. Except exceptions in said recited release and lands in Osmaston that have been conveyed by (1) and (2). To the following uses: Barn Close, Dove Botham, Close beyond the Hill als. Sawter Way Close, The Great Intake next London Rd. with a barn. The Candwell Sick. 3 Cooper Closes. Great Crompsick als. Crompsick Flatt, Little Crompsick, Carters Gravel Bed in the Little Crompsick, Rushy Close and Bloods of the Hill Close, the Hades, 1a. of plowland in the Mill Pitt field now in possession of John Walker. Also the Mill Gutter and 9a.1r. in the Moor Meadow now in possession of John Smedley. Aston Way Pingle by the New Close. Also 4a. in the Moor Meadow in possession of Thomas Parker. Also 2 large roods of plowland in the Mill Pitt field in possession of John Scotton. Aston Way Pingle by the Breathes. A house and close in possession of Widow Thumbs. A house and backside in possession of Thomas Marlow. All in Osmaston. To use of (4) and heirs during joint lives of (1) to take out £150 p.a., then to use of R. Wilmot the elder, for life, then his wife, Ursula, then to R.W., the younger and (5) and heirs of R.W., the younger, for ever. The Netherfield, part of the Cotton Flatt being the elm and oak groves, part of the New Close being the Elm Grove and the Grove at the bottom of the gardens now in possession of R. Wilmot, the elder, the Broad Meadow incl. the Oak Wood, The Great Intake in the Mill Pitt field, part of the Mill Pitt being the Ash Wood, the tythe of corn and grain in the several cornfields and closes in Osmaston, The Horse Pastures, Hades and Baulks in the Cornfields, 3 pingles now in possession of Joseph Parr of Derby. Messuage with apps., The Nearer Parks, The Further, Two Moor Hooks, Middle Moor Hook, The Standrell, The By Flatt, Adjoining the Standrell the Derwent Lane, 7a and 1r. in the Moor Meadow and ¼ of the tythe there. ¼ of the Twenty Lands and 37a.3r. of plowland in the cornfields in Osmaston. The Merrell Close and Clover Close. The Moor Hook adjoyning the Merrell. ¼ of the 20 lands. About 6a. in the Moor Meadow and ¼ of the tythe there and 33a. in the said cornfields now in possession of John Garner. Messuage and apps, Orchard Dale Close, the Rye Close, the Park Leys and 4a.1r. of plowland in the cornfields now in possession of Jonathon Killingley. A house and croft and 4a. 2r. of plowland now in possession of Lawrence Bett. Messuage and apps and orchard, part of the New Close, the Butt Leys Close, the Neather field Close, ½ of Twenty Lands, 15½a. the tythe in the Moor Meadow, and 43a. in the cornfields now in possession of Hannah Barnes, widow of Jonathan. A house and backside, Ox Leys, The Toft where Eyres House stood, 1a. in the Common Broad Meadow part of the Cotton Flatt, the Little TopThe Pingle by London Rd. late in possession of Lawrence Bett and 2 little Intakes adjoining the Great Intake and the Dale Yards, barns and all apps. and quince orchard now in possession of R. Wilmot the younger. Part of the Millpitt in possession Thomas Shaw. All in Osmaston. Also a messuage and a Wall Hill Bank Close in Audley, Staffs. Tenement and The Tow Crofts, Audley. To use of Ursula Wilmot for life, then to use of Robert Wilmot the younger and (5) and Heirs of R.W. the younger. Messuage in Osmaston where (1) now lives and all apps., 5a.3r. in the Mill Pitt Field, Osmaston. 1a.3r. in the Dale Pittfield, Osmaston. 1 messuage, meadow and croft at Newton Grange, Ashborne, Derbys. in possession of the widow of William Bonne. The Stable flatt divided into 3 parts Upper Painster, Neather Painster Newton on Fouljam Moor divided into 4 or 5 parts in Newton Grange. 1 barn, the Foldyard, Edge Close, Kill Croft and The Paddock in Newton Grange. 1 cottage and backside in Newton Grange now in possession of George Milward. Endale als. Newton Meadow and Stanlow and 2 or 3 little pieces called Brecks. Parsons Holme, Barrow Meadow and Chicken Holme. 31a. in parish of Spoondon and Ockbrook, Derbys. A cottage and apps. in Aston, Derbys. a rood ley and a plowland in the Town End field at Weston-on-Trent A messuage and apps at Talk-on-the-Hill, Audley in possession of Thomas Wood. Also a shop at Talk now in possession of Randle Hinditch. Messuage and apps. in Talk now Wm. Brassington's. Messuage at Crown Bank adjoining Talk, TheOver Croft, Middle Croft, Neather Croft, Brook Field, Crown Meadow in 2 parts, Ludgate Finney, Nr. Rye Croft, Middle Rye Croft, Far Rye Croft, Sidnal, Sidnal Meadow in 2 parts, Sidnal Meadow Bottom, Sidnal Rough, Audley. Messuage and apps. The Meadow Well Meadow, Broomfield, Byan Hill Folley, Ellerfield and Upper and Lower Paddocks in Mean Rye Croft. 1/5th of the Manor of Rushton Spencer with apps and fields (names given). 148a.16p. Also messuage and apps at Windy Arbour and Talk (named). 2 messuages and apps. at Audley (fields named). 3 messuage and apps. at Weston. And the moiety of Weston Hollow. 21 messuages and 4 cottages and app in Weston. To use of R.W. the younger and (5) and heirs of R.W. the younger. Said £150 on trust to (4) for Ursula Wilmot absolutely. Power of distraint for it to (4). (1) and (2) promise with (4) to levy 2 fines before the end of next Easter Term of all said lands to aforesaid uses and trusts. Land clear except for demise of 1 Jan. 1730 to Thomas Gisborne, Esq. of several lands in Weston-on-Trent. (1) and (2) to do any necessary deeds of further assurance. The name of (5) is used in trust for the only use of Robert Wilmot, the younger. Signed as being a true copy of the original examined by Robt. Ryder and Taylor White. N.B. Last page torn.
Date4 May 1732
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0002Heathcote; family; of Conington Castle1652-Present
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