Reference numberCON 3/3/4/4
TitleAssignment of Term in Trust
Description1. James Mead, London, gent. 2. Charles Bertie, Uffington, Esq. 3. Richard Bertie; James Bertie and Montague Bertie, the younger bros. of 2. 4. Sir John Heathcote, Normanton, Bart. 5. Taylor White, Lincolns Inn, Esq. and Noah Curtis, Stamford, gent. Recites: 1) Indenture of 26 July 1730 Marriage Settlement of Charles Bertie the father and Bathsheba Mead. 2) Death of Charles Bertie, the father, and Bathsheba, leaving 4 sons, 2 and 3., three are now entitled to £2,000 apiece under said marriage settlement. 3) Death of trustee Henry Bertie and term of 1,000 years becoming vested in 1. as surviving trustee. 4) 2. having recently sold to 4. the Manor of Gt.S. with all apps. and half the Manor of Broughtons (part of the lands in trust under the Marriage Settlement) and out of the money received has paid 3., £2,000 apiece. 5) Promise of 2. to 4. to procure from 1. an assignment of Trust Term of 1,000 years created by said Marriage Settlement. Now for 5/- from 5. to 1. 1. by direction of 2. and 3., and nomination of 4., to 5., All Manors and lands demised by said Marriage Settlement and residue of term in said premises. For residue of term of 1,000 years. In trust for 4. as for premises lately conveyed to 4. in Hunts. And as to rest of premises in said term, intrust for 2. Endorsed: Receipts of even date from Montague and James Bertie for £2,000 apiece. Endorsed: 1) in pursuance of covenant with Sir John Heathcote dated 6 Oct. 1757 not abstracted, 2) The Railway Co., does not require deeds of terms to be abstracted, see the agreement with them and Mr. Heathcote (dated) 29/3/47.
Date9 Dec. 1758
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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