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Description1. Robert Boothby, Low Layton, Esq. 2. Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Normanton, Rutland, Bart. 1. to 2. For £3,300 paid to Edmund Lacon, Grays Inn, at request of 1., in discharge of several mortgages made by 1. of the premises hereinafter described and released; and for £1,500 to James Innes, late of Yarmouth, Norfolk, Esq., late Capt., of H.M.S., The Rye at like request of 1., in discharge of money due to Innes on assignment of a certain mortgage made by 1. to William Edwards, Grays Inn Lane, St. Andrew, Holborne, victualler and to the said James Innes, which together make £4,800 and for 5/- to 1. Manor of Chingford Comitis otherwise Chinckford Comitis with apps in Essex. Advowson to Chingford Rectory with apps. and patronage to the Rectory. Capital messuage called Fryday Hill with apps. Dovehouse Field Orchard (5a.); Buttfield (10a.); Church Field (8a.); Great Whitmuns and The Slipe (13a.); Little Whitmuns (4a.); Upper and Lower Fryday Fields (10a.); Pieces of meadow in Upper and Lower Ney (20a.) Orchard near Hume's tenement (1½); messuage with apps and foll. closes: Great Cherry Downs (35a.); 2 little Cherry Downs (18a.); Thistley Field (26a.); Warefield (25a.); Hallfield and Oxlees Island (20a.); Messuage with apps (41a.); in tenure of Stephen Gomm and afterwards of Jasper Gale, Middleton, Messuage and 8 parcels of land called Southfields (82a.); Wear and fishery or right of fishing in the River Lea and the small islands in the same river late in tenure of - Flanders, widow, now of - Clerk, widow; 2 hoppitts of pasture in or near Waltham Forest (2a.), late Henry Deakins; messuage with apps. late John Bruce's; 2 little meadows (1a.2r.); parcel of ground adjoining (5a.); pieces called the Goosefield and the Hoppit (7a.); pieces called the Slades and Hogsfoat fields (15a.); piece called Jack or Churches (1a.); piece called Westcroft Island (1a.); Annual rent of 20/- issuing out of the Hoppitt late parcel of the waste of the aforesaid manor and payable by John Wood: 2½a. in the Way Meadow late John Norris; New erected messuage and orchard and vineyard late John Homes; Eaton's Mead with 2 pieces (20a.); near Cock Tylers late Wm. Laybank then Jasper Gale, Middleton. Knighton and the Barnfields (10a.); messuage and apps. and the Hoppitt belonging late to John Radley then to - Knight, widow, decd. The 7a. late John Elderton's, gent, 10a. in the common marsh of Chingford late Stephen Gomm's then Jasper Gale's, Middleton. New erected cottage with apps. late John Glading's Buntingbridge Fields (7a.); 2a. near Parsonage Grove late Peter Lowe's then - Lowe's, widow. All in Chingford and late in possession of 1. All other property of 1. in Essex with all manorial rights, all which said manor and apps. now are in possession of 2. by lease of yesterday. Clear to 2. except for terms of years to be assigned in trust for 2. and for judgement obtained in Mich. Term 1759 by Edmund Lacon against 1. for £6,600 and 50/- damages which have likewise been assigned in trust for 2. 1. to do deeds of further assurance.
Date30 Oct. 1766
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0002Heathcote; family; of Conington Castle1652-Present
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