Reference numberCON 3/7/3/8
TitleLease and Release
Description(1) Joshua Smith Simmons Smith late of Hampton Court but now of St. James' St., Westminster, Esq. (surviving trustee and exor. of the will of Wm. Loveday, late of Huntingdon, Esq., decd. (2) Anne Loveday, Huntingdon, widow and relict of the said Wm. Loveday. (3) John Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq. (4) Henry Sweeting, Huntingdon, Esq. Recites: (i) Lease/Release of 29/30 Jan. 1821 by which hereinafter released hereditaments were conveyed to the following uses - to use of Wm. Loveday for life then to John Sweeting and heirs in trust for Wm. Loveday. After his death to use of heirs and assigns of said Wm. Loveday for ever. (ii) Wm. Loveday's will of 28 Aug. 1821, giving to his servant Thos. Bradley an annuity of £30 payable out of his estates at Alconbury in occupation of John Halls. And will also give to Peter Descow, DESCOW Ramsey, gent and Frances his wife, an annuity of £20 out of his estate at Alc. Both to be paid from decease of Loveday's wife and testator gave to (1) and John Herbert (since decd.) and their heirs, all his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments and all his real estate (except his estate at Fish St. Hill, City of London, Preston, Lancs, and Evesham, Worcs) with apps. on trust to allow (2) to live in the said messuage etc. in Huntingdon for her life and to take the rents and profits of the rest of the said estate for her life. And after her death or if she refuses to live in the said messuage in Huntingdon to sell said mess. and premises. (iii) Death of said Wm. Loveday in Aug. 1827 survived by (2). (iv) Death of John Herbert in lifetime of William Loveday. (v) Death of Thos. Bradley in lifetime of Wm. Loveday but Desrows are still alive. (vi) (1) and (2) proved said will in Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (vii) (2) having declined to reside in said messuage at H'don and wishing to have the premises sold (1) as trustee arranged to sell to (3) hereinafter-mentioned lands subject to payment of Desrow's annuity and of land tax for £1,600. Now (1) and (2) to (3), by direction of (2), for £1,600 and for 10/- from (4) to (1). Several closes in Alc. (114a.1p.) i.e. Great Close (50a.), Farther Close (30a.), Further Close (14a.), Nearer Close (13a.38p.), Lambs Close adjoining Farther Close (6a.3r.3p.), all allotted to Sir Peter Burrell in the Alc. Encl. Award of 1793 by description of 1 piece of freehold land (107a.38p.) in Alc. in the Wold Common and Broad Hay Field (boundaries given). With all apps. To such uses as (3) shall appoint. If none to use of (3) for life. Then to use of (4) during life of (3) in trust for (3) and to prevent his wife being entitled to dower. After death of (3) to his heirs and assigns for ever. Endorsed: Receipt of even date from (1) to (3) for £1,600.
Date7/8 April, 1828
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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