Reference numberCON 5/7/17-22
TitleLetters between Thomas Forsyth and John Heathcote.
DescriptionNow that the guardianship and allowances of Sir Gilbert's children are fixed, the question arises of buying an estate, both for the younger sons and for Sir Gilbert. Forsyth writes recommending Lord Weymouth's estate around Tamworth, Staffs, to be shared between the 2 younger bros. The price is between £140,000 and £150,000 and the rental £4,600 p.a. But the Tamworth houses themselves do not make much. Lady Heathcote is quite in favour because she thinks that the money would be less easy to spend if tied up in land. Heathcote agrees that the young men should not have too much money on first coming-of-age, but has doubts re. Lord Weymouth's estate, as the Tamworth houses will not be worth much. Estate must be surveyed before any decision is taken. Forsyth further suggests that Sir Gilbert purchases Sir John Webb's estate at Ingoldsby, which is so intermixed with his own property that it should produce a rent of £500 p.a. which at £13,000 purchase is a good bargain. Another possibility is Mr. Wynne's estate at Talkingham which has come down to £75,000 and Heathcotes are prepared to offer 70,000 guineas for a clear rent of £2,228.5s.p.a. Again an adjoining estate. But Mr. Wynne's attorney will not lower the price so the purchase is off - Sir Gilbert has enough elbow-room without paying so dear for such a very little more.
Date23 Jan. 1787 - 16 Feb. 1788
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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