Reference numberCON 6/3/9
TitleRelease (draft)
Description(1)John Moyer Heathcote, Conington Castle, Esq. and The Rev. Robt. Boothby Heathcote, Great Friday Hill, Essex, clerk. (2) The Rt. Hon. Wm. Henry Viscount Downe. (3) William Pheasant, Snaith, Yorks, gunsmith. (4) William Plues, Carlton, Snaith, Yorks, gent. (in Pursuance of the statute for rendering a release as effectual for the conveyance of freehold estates as a Lease and Release by the same parties.) Recites: (1) Indentures of 20 July 1843 21 July, 1843; 28 Nov. 1846 and 8 May, 1849 by which the hereditaments hereinafter described were conveyed to use of (2), and by last-named Indenture it is declared lawful for (1), at direction of the person in possession, to dispose of all or any of the premises by absolute sale. (ii) (1) at request of (2), tenant for life, have contracted with (3) for absolute sale to him of dwelling-houses and buildings hereinafter described for £320, and (2) has requested that they be conveyed to the uses hereinafter mentioned. (iii) (2) having consented to enter into the covenants hereinafter on his part contained. Now (1), at the request of (2), revoke all the uses contained in Indentures of 21 July, 1843 and 8 May, 1849 so far as they affect this property, save only the power to limit and appoint the same property to the uses hereinafter expressed; and for £320, to be disposed of by trusts of indenture of 8 May, 1849, do appoint that the property herinafter described shall be to the uses and trusts hereinafter described, and for 10/- to (2), (1) and (2) to (3). Two dwelling-houses with the shops, newsroom, stables, buildings and yard adjoining in the High St., at Snaith, Yorks, (21 perches), bounded on the east by Church Lane, west by premises of Mr. Thos. Perkins, north by the footpath to Gorodall and south by the High St., with all apps., outhouses, etc. To such uses and trusts as (3) shall appoint and in default of such use of (3) for life. After determination of that estate to use of (4) during life of (3) and in trust for (3), to the intent that (3)'s widow may not be entitled to dower from it. Then to use of (3) and heirs for ever. Usual covenants. Endorsed: Draft receipt from (1) to (3) for £320.
Date30 Aug. 1850
CreatorNameHeathcote family of Conington Castle
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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