Reference numberFE 12
TitleDischarge of Estate from Legacies (Lease and Release)
Description1. Sir Robert Cotton of St. George Hatley, Cambridge, knight, surviving trustees of Sir J. Hewett, the father. 2. Sir J. Hewett, eldest son and executor of Sir J. Hewett the father and executor of his brothers Toby and James, both legatees of sir J.Hewett the father. Recites will (2 above) that all children lived till their legacies become payable. Hester married Wisses Blount Esq-£1500-paid-quitclaim 5 July 1688. Frances married H. Scrope Esq (since deceased) -£1000 paid-quit claim 5 September 1713. Edith marries William Dove, Esq., but has since dies; Dove also died-£1200 paid-quitclaim by Thomas Dove (William's administrator) 22 May 1713. £600 a piece paid to Tyrell, Robert, William and Benjamin Hewett-Quit claims 5 July 1688; 2 May 1713; 2 May 1713; 24 April 1713. Toby Hewett devised his £600 portion to 2. 25 May 1694. James Hewett appointed 2. sole executor. 18 February 1698. Elizabeth married Robert Brooke, Esq-£1000 paid- quit claim 20 August 1713. Thomas Hewett died appointing wife Elizabeth executrix (will 10 December 1711)-£600 paid-quit claim 22 August 1713. Witnesses:Alexander Clayton; Thomas [Engleton?]
Date1-2 October 1713
CreatorNameEarl of Feversham
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0003Cotton; family; of Madingley Hall and Landwade; Baronets Cotton1423-1871
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