Reference number4127
TitleFive modern prints of photographs of Hunts Rifle Volunteers, Hunts Cyclists, a Hemingford sturgeon hunt and "hospital day" at Huntingdon
DescriptionPhotographs (with photocopies with additional information) of:
A group of Hunts Rifle Volunteers C Company, winners of Colonel Linton's Drill Competition Cup, 1903 and Colonel Gregson's Musketry Cup, 1901 & 1902, taken at Belton Park in 1903. The group are identified as Pte. A. Plum, L-Cpl F Walker, Pte J Hodson, Pte E Cook, Pte C Franklin, L-Cpl V Denton, Pte R Naylor, Pte W White, Pte A Collyer, Pte F Plum. Pte W Malin, L-Cpl W Abraham, Sergt AH Stoneham, Sert-Instr C Munday, Capt FN Butler, Sergt W Gardiner, L-Cpl WG Hines, L-Cpl W Harlott, Pte T Stoneham, L-Cpl J Baker, Pte E White, Pte S Pearson, Bugler A Huckle, Pte C Smith, Pte J Hall, Pte J Cawcutt, Pte W Abraham

A large group of Hunts Cyclists at camp at Ramsey

Group of Hunts Cyclists officers taken by Stearn & Sons, Cambridge

Huntingdon "Hospital Day" - the group includes officials with red cross armbands, and Huntingdon Scouts with scoutmaster WH Clayton. Photograph taken in the George Hotel courtyard by Maddison & Hinde.

A sturgeon netted at Hemingford mill pool my members of the St Ives Angling Society, 5th August 1924. Some members identified at Dines, West, Hudson of St Ives and Knights and Hamilton of Hartford
DateEarly 20th century
CreatorNameMaddison and Hinde, Steam and Sons, Unknown
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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