Reference number4827
TitleManor of Brampton and Portholme deeds
Description(1) Bargain and sale between William Haye gent and Richard Myller mercer, both of London, for 10 acres of meadow in Portholme, Brampton, and other properties in Brampton; consideration £300; 22 February 1615. [With pendant seal of William Haye.](2) Copy notice declaring that rents etc payable to the Manor of Brampton are to be paid to Robert Duckenfeld and Philip Eyton esq; 19 September 1650.(3) Notice by Robert Duckenfeld giving authority to Philip Eyton to collect all rents etc due to the Manor of Brampton; 16 February 1651. [With small seal of Robert Duckenfeld.]Note: Robert Duckenfeld (1618-89) was a Colonel in the Parliamentarian Army, and commanded the Parliamentarian troops at Stockport Bridge. He was imprisoned in 1665 on suspicion of plotting to seize the king and restore parliament.
CreatorNameHuntingdonshire Local History Society
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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