Reference number5084
TitleLetter to Rev. Sanderson
DescriptionAutograph letter from John Bright to Rev. Edgar Sanderson of Huntingdon Grammar School, 7 Dec 1878, with envelope franked with penny red.\r\n PCS notes: The letter belongs to Bright's elder statesman period when he was one of the heroes of the Liberal party. It would need more research to indicate just which speech Sanderson was admiring and in late 1878, with Disraeli still PM, the burning political issues appear to have been more international (Eastern Question and Afghanistan). But I suspect it was concerned with disestablishment, one of the recurrent themes of liberal politics of the time (I believe) and I note the 'selection' of Bright correspondence in the BL (Add MSS 43,383-92) is the Church of England (though Sanderson is not among the correspondents indexes in the catalogue). This is from the high period of Victorian oratory - Gladstone's Midlothian campaign was in 1879 - so I guess the letter represents the sort of adulation which went on.\r\n Sanderson gets a brief ODNB article. He was a schoolmaster here and there, at Huntingdon (from memory) 1877-81. He came from Nottingham - another e.g. of Huntingdon-Notts. connections - retired after Huntingdon to Streatham to write educational manuals and popular historical works. He was author of various popular historical works, including a History of the British Empire which went into 20 editions in his lifetime and British Heroes of the 19th Century
CreatorNameJohn Bright
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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