Reference number5135
TitleEarith Comfort and Home Coming Funds
DescriptionEarith Comfort Fund Correspondence from men on active service thanking Mrs Hodder, organister of the Earith Comfort Fund, for money and gifts received 1940-1942,1944; Earith Gifts for the Forces Fund: typed list of recipients (photocopy) Christmas 1944; Earith Home Coming Fund correspondence re fund raising entertainments; order of service for open-air service at Earith, Whit Sunday 1945; accounts and receipts from fundraising, entertainments etc. 1940,1944-1946,1950 ; Lists (3) of Earith men on active service 1944,n.d.; Applications to the Fund, and correspondence re applicants 1944-1946; Letters of thanks (2) from Fund recipients 1946; Miscellaneous Scripture card (nd) and Easter Day Communion Card, Earith parish church, 1938; Timetable, Tramways Lausannois nd
CreatorNameEarith Comfort Fund
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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