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TitlePhotocopies of letters and papers referring to various places in Huntingdonshire bought by the owner for their post marks. The papers appear to have originated from from various sources, including London and Norfolk solicitors' archives
DescriptionTerrier of Mr Banks Land in Offord Darcy for Frances Tyson, Shoulewell, Hackney, London, 1773

Letter from George Wilkinson, Ramsey to Messrs Weston, attorney, Fenchurch Street, London, about Mr Fisher's rent, 1790

Letter form George Willkinson, Ramsey, to A Weston, solicitors, Fenchurch Street, London, about leases to be sent by the Whittlesey coach, 1804

Letter from Charles Bloodworth, Kimbolton to Messrs Weston, solicitors, Fenchurch Street, London, about a sketch of the road prepared for the assizes, 1807

Letter to Mrs Eliz Jackson, Godmanchester, from Thomas Dykes, Aldingate Street, [?London], about debt due, 1795

Letter from C. Watson, Vicarage, Godmanchester, to James Forbes, London, thanking him for help with his affairs, 1800

Note said to be from General Hussey, Chesterton Manor, to Ambrose Weston, 38 Fenchurch Street, London, about an advertisement in the Cambridge paper, 1803

Copy probate of the will of Mrs Jane Rowles of Washingley, from Barratt, Huntingdon, sent to Messrs Fearnlea and Campbell, Solicitors, Nottingham, 1811

Letter from John Baumgartner, Godmanchester, to Messrs Banham and Vickirman, George Inn, London, requesting a situation in an office for his son, 1832

Letter from Charles Margetts, Huntingdon, to Messrs Mitchell & Clark, solicitors, Wymondham, Norfolk, about Mr Burroughes loans to Mr Leathendale and Mr Stubbard, 18 Feb 1834

Correspondence between Charles Margetts, Huntingdon, and Messrs Mitchell and Clark, Wymondham, Nortfolk, about settlement of land in Wymondham (4 items), 1850-1851

Letter from C Sykes, St Neots, to Henry Blonchard, Great Ormond Street, London, about receipt of £100, 31 May 1834

Letter from Maria Bickerson, Upwood, to John Coles Symes, Fenchurch Street, London, about receipt of £60 and the offer made by the tithe 'pagens' for commutation, 1837

Letter from Mr Fowler, St Ives to E J Burton, solicitors, Daventry, Northamptonshire, about payment to George Jeyes, 28 June 1839

Printed circular of grain prices to Messrs Wasdale, & Co, Hemp Mills, Near St Ives, from Spencer Skelton, Sutton Bridge near Wisbech with note attached addresses 'Dear Father' from Thomas Knights trusting that he got home all right, 29 May 1841

Letter from Edward Vipan, Somersham to Mr S Bowser, 111 Blackfriars, London, about recovery of a debt. 19 December 1847

Letter from E I Vipan, Somersham to Mr Bocerser, Carmarthanshire, S. Wales, about Lord A not giving notice of trial, 12 March 1848

Letter from J King Watts, St Ives, to A Freeman, 75 Old Broad Road, London, concerning the sale of land from Mr Simson's land at Wilburton, Cambs to Mr Porter, 7 March 1848

Receipt from W Goggs, Huntingdon, steam printing works, wholesale stationery warehouse and paper bag manufactory, for Mr Winslow, Hunstanton for goods [unspecified] 1889
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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