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TitleAlbum of Adelaide Mary Reed of Huntingdon
DescriptionAlbum belonging to Adie [Adelaide] Reed of 131 High Street, Huntingdon, containing poems and drawings written and drawn by her friends. The majority of entries date from 1906-1909, but one entry on page 80 is dated 1918.
Mary Adelaide's mother, Mary Ann Reed, was a fish, game and poultry dealer and ice merchant at 131 High Street, Huntingdon. By 1928 her son Alfred J Reed had taken over the business, which was sold by the executors of the late Mrs Reed in 1929. Mary Adelaide married a James Walker, a schoolmaster, in St Mary's church, Huntingdon on the 16 November 1913. Their daughter Kathleen Ellen was baptised in the same church on the 9 April 1916, when her father was described as a schoolmaster of the adjacent parish of Hartford.
The names within the album are as follows [some pages are blank]:
pp 1-2 Lizzie Rowe of Hartford Road, Huntingdon, Hilda Morby of Grafham Station, A Percival of Brewery House, Bradford on Avon near Bath, A Martin of 18 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, Ethel A Scotney of Fernlea, Ermine Street, Huntingdon, Rose Baxter of 22 High Street, Huntingdon, Judith Garner of Grammar School, Huntingdon, N Gibson of 165 Knox Road, Wellingborough, M Hibben of 916 Eccleshall Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, E Standen of Chiswick House, Huntingdon, Alf. J. Reed of 131 High Street, Huntingdon, Hilda Woodford of 15 Priory Road, Huntingdon and Laure Dolhen, chez Monsieur Pouppart, 93 Rue de la Republique, La Fere, Aisne; p. 4 - poem in French by A Martin of Paris; p.6 - poem by Erasmus Butler; p8 - poem by Dorothy Hart, dated 2 November 1906; p10 - poem by L Rowe dated 27 November 1907; p12 - poem by E Standen of Chiswick House, Huntingdon dated 7 April 1907; p13 - poem by C Seyama dated October 1907 [the Japanese family of Seyama worked for the Bernard family of Cromwell House, Huntingdon. See accession 5346]; p14 - poem by Grace Edith Mason dated 13 November 1906; poem by Winifred E.K. Bland of Monsal Dale, Glebe Road, Peterborough, dated 7 December 1906; p16 - extract from Plato and Browning by G.F. Southam dated 10 April 1906; p18 - drawing of a vase of daffodils by Rose Baxter dated 19 April 1906; poem by Mabel Maddox dated 15 October 1907 [photograph of Mabel Maddox in accession 4741]; pp 21 -22 - poem and amusing drawing re flooding by Edith M Atkinson dated 3 May 1906; p24 - drawing of a cat photographing a mother cat and kitten [in the style of Louis Wain] by V Storey dated 23 October 1906; p 26 - head and shoulders pencil drawing of lady, no name;
pp27-28 - drawing and poem by H Arnold Craft dated 17 May 1906; p29 - extract from a Charles Kingsley poem by H Setchells[?]; p32 -comical pen drawing of man titled S. JIM. Esquire; p33 - drawing titled "The Light that Failed" (Kipling) by C.A. Vorley dated 8 November 1907; p34 - poem by W. Rowlance dated 15 August 1907; p 35 - pencil drawing of a fuschia by Emily S. Mason of Brampton; p36 - poem by Herbert Strangward of Pontefract dated 1 October 1906; p 37 - poem by W.H. Conney of Huntingdon dated January 1907; p38 - poem by Kate Conney dated 26 April 1906; p 40 - Christmas drawing of church and holly by S Brown; p41 pencil drawing of flowers by Eileen dated 13 February 1909;
p43 - poem about London by MAR; p44 - pen drawing of ivy with saying by Marjorie Manthorpe dated 17 November 1906; p45 - pencil drawing of a man on a bicycle being pulled along by four women cyclists, no name; p46 - poem with watercolour of boats on water by Flora Storey dated 28 October 1906; p 47 - drawing of a cat washing a kitten in a bath tub by Elsie W. Stevens dated 26 November 1907; p 48 - names of Florrie Brown, Victoria Square, Ouse Walk, Huntingdon [a Mrs Bessie Brown ran the Victoria public house in Victoria Square at this date], Marie Yorke of Kimberley House, Raunds, Wellingborough 5 November 1907, Judith Garner of the Crown Inn, New England, Peterborough, F Storey of Lion House, Great Northern Street, Huntingdon, M.A. Reed of 131 High Street, Huntingdon, Vera Piggot of Vine Cottage, Brampton and L Gifford of 37 Abbey Road, Cambridge; p49 - watercolour of a cottage with holly and flowers by Kate Corney dated 5 February 1907; p50 - poem by Florrie Joyce dated 12 December 1907; p51 - poem by Winifred Campbell of Huntingdon dated 17 February 1907; p52 - drawing of an envelope with Godmanchester postmark and poem by G.M. Baker dated 3 December 1907; p54 - poem by M. Standen of Chiswick House, Huntingdon dated 7 April 1906; p56 - watercolour of a butterfly and flowers by A. Edward Smith of Old Fletton dated 6 July 1907; p57 - pencil sketch of a bird, no name; p58 - pen drawing of leaves in the style of a brooch by Edith C. Denton dated 3 November 1907; p59 - pencil drawings of flowers and leaves, no name; p60 saying by N.P.; p62 - comical drawing of a cat writing in an album by Dorothy Piggot dated 13 November 1907; p64 - poem by J Pentelow dated 25 November 1907; p66 - extract from a Charles Kinglsey poem by E.E. Cannings dated 14 December 1906; p68 - two sayings by Florrie Brown of Huntingdon dated 7 December 1906; p70 - watercolour of a petunia by Ethel Scotney dated 12 November 1906; p71 - pencil drawings of flowers by Eileen dated 1909; p72 - poem by A.M.A. Rowlance of Huntingdon dated 19 July 1907; p73 - pencil sketch of flowers, no name; p74 watercolour of a heron with sea and boats in background, monogram of initials WA[?]; p76 - ink drawing of a hen with saying "crow too much and loose all" by Ada Clarke dated 4 December 1906; p78 - poem by Frances A. Hern of Hamerton dated 19 January 1907; p79 - poem by Douglas R. Piggot which contains offensive language regarding race; p80 - poem by H. Innes dated 27 May 1918; p81 - pencil sketch of a flower by E.M.C. & A.M.R. dated 1909; p82 - poem by V Piggott dated 18 November 1907; p83 - pen drawing of a sailing boat at sea at sunset by Marie Yorke of Raunds dated 5 November 1907; p84 - comical pen drawing of a figure to signify the end of the book by Louis Gatin dated 4 July 1907
CreatorNameAdelaide Mary Reed and others
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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