Reference number5860
TitleScanned photograph of Brampton Home Guard (all named)
DescriptionThe names below the photograph are as follows: Bill Smith, Charlie Buckenham, Bert James, Tommy Wilkins, Walter Reynolds, Ernie Slade, Bill Garner, Jocky Buckenham, Arty Buckenham, Jack Beeby, Harry Presland, Wesley Rose, Peter Clarke, Joe Worthington, George Ingram, Les Briggs, Bill Lomax, Don Maile, Fred Holden, G (Tubby) Buckenham, Herbie Buckenham, Ted Mann, B Reedman, Jimmy Chamberlain, L Seymour (Riley), Tom Hemmings, Chas Cooke, Ted Seymour, Fred Summers, Peter Lenton, F Disney, Herbert Page, Charlie Warner, Bill Holden, Charlie Clark and Frank Ingram
Although the scanned image has been dated c1942, this photograph appeared in the Hunts Post of 14 September 1944.
DateSeptember 1944
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives
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