Reference number6074/58
TitleCowlard family photograph album
DescriptionPage 1: Unidentified (possibly Frank's children)
Page 2: Several unidentified, including some on the steps of Kimbolton Castle. Shooting party photographs include two of Frank Cowlard and Viscount Mandeville.
Page 3: Top - Frances and Olga Cowlard, Frank's daughters, at the sea. Bottom - Frances Cowlard.
Page 4: Viscount and Lady Mandeville around the time of their wedding
Page 5: Unidentified (possibly Frances and Olga)
Page 6: Left - Viscount and Lady Mandeville seated on the steps at Kimbolton Caste with guests. Right - game strung up on a line.
Page 7: Top - Frances, Margaret and Olga Cowlard. Left - Frank, his wife Rose Ellen and daughters Frances and Olga outside their home. Others unidentified.
Page 8: Left - Maurice, Frank's cousin, and Phyllis his wife seated on the gate to Kimbolton cricket ground. Centre - Frances and Olga. Right - Frank and Phyllis outside Keeper's Lodge.
Page 9: Unidentified (possibly Frank's children)
Page 10: Unidentified
Page 11: Left - Phyllis and child. Centre - unidentified. Right - Maurice and Phyllis.
Page 12: Left - group containing Frank's sisters-in-law, Lillian and Ethel, and his wife Rose and others.
Page 13: Unidentified (mainly Frank's children)
Page 14: Unidentified (mainly Frank's children)
Page 15: Unidentified (mainly family and including one of a gentleman in Native American headress)
Page 16: Left - Olga and Frances Cowlard. Centre - unknown (possibly a gamekeeper). Right - Frank, Rose Ellen, Frances and Olga Cowlard.
Page 17: Viscount and Lady Mandeville on the steps of Kimbolton Castle at around the time of their weddin
Page 18: Guests of Viscount and Lady Mandeville on the steps of Kimbolton Castle
Page 19: Viscount and Lady Mandeville with guests on the steps of Kimbolton Castle
Page 20: Viscount and Lady Mandeville with guests at Kimbolton Castle

Notes identifying some of the subjects of the photographs were supplied by the depositor and a copy can be found with the album.
CreatorNameCorrespondence and papers of Frank Cowlard (1891-1951), Head Gamekeeper on the Duke of Manchester's estate at Kimbolton
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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P/0080Montagu; Sir; Alexander George Francis Drogo (1902-1977); 10th Duke of Manchester (1949-1977); of Kimbolton Castle1902-1977
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