Reference numberHINCH 1/10
TitleCopy of will (13th July, 1814) and codicils Rt. Hon. George, 6th Earl of Sandwich.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Marriage Settlement of 8th-9th July, 1804 (Hinch 1/15 for Abstract) Term of 1,000 years is limited to Robert Viscount Castlereagh and John Henry Viscount Templetown in the family estates at Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon and St. Neots upon trust to raise portions for the younger children of the marriage. 2. At present he has 2 younger children: Harriet Mary and Katherine Caroline. Wishing to increase their portions, he gives £32,000 to Visc. Castlereagh and Visc. Templetown upon the trusts declared. 3. Under the will of his father, the 5th Earl, he is entitled to certain lands in co. Limerick, but subject to certain trusts. Now, to secure the payment of the £32,000, gives to Viscount Castlereagh and Templetown the town lands of Crean, Corcasses of Crean, Bohenclough, Drombeg, Ballingranagh and Ballinglough and lands at Killmallock, co. Limerick to hold for the term of 1,000 years upon trust to raise from these lands by some means the £32,000 for his 2 daughters. Codicil. 10th September, 1814. The custody and tuition of all his children, until they reach the age of 21, to the Marquis of Cornwallis, the Rt. Hon. Lord Suffield and William Stephen Poyntz Esq. Codicil. 13th September, 1814. To the Countess of Sandwich for her life an annuity of £1,000 payable out of his lands in co. Limerick The above term of 1,000 years now to be held for better securing this annuity as well as the additional portions for the 2 daughters. Codicil. 8th December, 1817. To his sister, Lady Templetown, 200 guineas; to Captain Montagu 100 guineas; to Mrs Grady "for the excellent care she has always taken of my dear boy" £100; to Richard Durham and Maria Farrell £25 each; to John Thomlinson Esq. of Staples Inn, £300 a year "so long as he continues to attend to the affairs of the family in the way which he has hitherto done"; to Gurney £20 a year for his life. Puts his affairs into the hands of Chancery Note that on 31st July, 1818 administration (with will and 3 codicils annexed) of the goods, chattels and credits of the 6th Earl deceased, was granted to Rt. Hon. Mary Anne Julia Lousia Harriet Countess Dowager of Sandwich, his widow.
Date15th April, 1886
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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