Reference numberHINCH 1/11
TitleSettlement (by [Lease] and Release) (Counterpart Copy)
Description1. Rt. Hon Charles Lord Viscount Fane, Baron of Loughhur in the Kingdom of Ireland, and Mary Viscountess Fane, his wife, formerly Hon Mary Stanhope. 2. Hon. Charles Fane Esq., only son of 1. 3. Rt. Hon. Matthew Lant of the Inner Temple, London, Esq., Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. 4. Walter Dawson of the City of Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland, Esq., and James Collyer of London, gent., one of the cashiers of the Bank of England. Recites: 1) Marriage Settlement of 1 19th November, 1707 Involving Viscount Fane's lands in cos. Berkshire, Devon and Armagh. 2. The marriage took place and now 1. have one son, 2., and four daughters, Mary now wife of Jerom de Salis esq., and Elizabeth, Dorothy and Charlotte unmarried. 3. Agreement between Viscount Fane and 2 to settle all the lands of Viscount Fane. Now Charles Lord Viscount Fane and 2 to 4. The manor of Calwoodly alias Calverley, the Rectory impropriate of Bampton and all their other manors, lands etc.. in the p. of Calwoodly. Templeton and Bampton, c. Devon, the manor of Breamores in Basledon, the capital messuage called Breamores in Basledon, parts (further described) of the manor and form of Crooks and Dunts in Basledon, two messuages in Basledon and one messuage in Streatley (further described) and all other their manors, lands etc in Basledon, Ashamsted, Pangbourne, Bradfield and Streatly, co. Berkshire, all their towns, villages, hamlets, balliboes and parcels of land in the Barony or Precinct of Orier, co. Ardmagh (further described) the manors of Loughgur and Glenogry and all other their towns etc., in co. Limerick (further described) and the village, hamlet or parcel of ground called Ballyraheen, co. Tipperary. To the use of Charles Lord Viscount Fane during his life, and then as to the lands in cos. Berkshire and Devon, to the use of Mary Viscountess Fane during her life for her Jointure, and as to the lands in co. Armagh to the intent that Mary Viscountess Fane may take the yearly sum of £245 for her Jointure during her life. After the death of Charles Lord Viscount Fane, all the above lands released to 4 to the use of 2 for life and then to his sons in tail male, but subject to the Jointure of Mary Viscountess Fane. In default of such issue of 2 to the use of 4 for a term of 100 years and then, the land being divided into equal portions, to the use of 2's four sisters and their heirs or the survivors of them.
Date17th-18th April, 1739
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0009Montagu; family; of Hinchingbrooke House; Earls of Sandwich11th Century-Present
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