Reference numberHINCH 1/16
TitleMarriage Settlement (by [Lease] and Release)
Description1. Alexander Baring of the Grange in the p. of Northington, co. Southampton, and of Portman Square in the p. of St. Mary le bone, co. Middlesex, Esq., and Willian Bingham Baring Esq., his eldest son and heir apparent. 2. Rt. Hon. Mary Ann Julia Louisa Harriet Lowry Countess of Sandwich, widow of Rt. Hon. George 6th Earl of Sandwich, deceased, Lady Harriet Mary Montagu, spinster, the elder of their two daughters, now aged 18, Most Hon, Charles Marquis Cornwallis and William Stephen Poyntz of Cowdry, co. Sussex, Esq., the two surviving Guardians and Lady Harriet Mary Montagu. 3. Sir Thomas Baring of Stratton Park, co. Southampton, Baronet. 4. Henry Baring of Somerly House, co. Southampton, Esq. 5. Charles Baring Wall of Norman Court, co. Southampton, Esq., and Rt. Hon. Ernest Edgcombe, Viscount Valletort 6. Francis Baring of Stratton Park, Esq., eldest son and heir apparent of 3, Edward Berkley Portman of Bryanstone, co. Dorset, Esq., Rt. Hon John William Robert Kerr, Earl of Ancran, and William Augustus Montagu, Captain in the Royal Navy and Companion of the Bath. 7. Henry Labouchere of Highlords, co. Essex, Esq., and Rt. Hon. John Henry Upton, Viscount Templtown. 8. Henry Baring the younger of Somerley House, Esq., and Rt. Hon. Somerset Lowry Corry, Earl of Belmore. Recites: 1) In the process of a cause in the County of Chancery involving the children of the 6th Earl of Sandwich, deceased, one of the Masters reported that under the marriage settlement of her parents (8th-9th July, 1804) and the will of her father (13th July, 1814) Lady Harriet and her sister, Lady Katherine Caroline Montagu, were entitled to the sum of £8,000 charged upon the family estates in co. Huntingdon, and the sum of £32,000 charged upon estates in co. Limerick, Ireland, together with interest on these payable from the death of their father. Lady Harriet was also entitled to a further £3,000, her share of her father's personal estate as to which he died intestate. 2. Alexander Baring was seized of certain lands in cos. Wiltshire and Southampton. Now for various considerations, including the portion of Lady Harriet Mary Montagu to be paid to Alexander Baring for his own use, immediately after the intended marriage between Lady Harriet and his son, William Bingham Baring. Alexander Baring and 3 and 4 as trustees release to 5. The manor of Winterbourne Stoke, with the great tithes of the parish and the advowson of the Vicarage of Winterborne Stoke, the manor of Steeple Langford, the manor of Berwick St. James, with the great tithes and the advowson of the vicarage of the p. of Berwick St. James, an undivided moiety of the manor of Stapleford and the manor of Allcannings, with the advowson of the rectory of the p. of Allcannings, co. Wiltshire (further described) and the manors of Northington, Swarraton, Totford and Godsfield, the mansion house, park and demesne lands called The Grange, with the great tithes of the p. of Northington and the advowson of the rectory of the p. of Swarraton, the manor of Popham, with the great and small tithes of the parish or chapelry of Popham, the manor of Abbotstone with a farm and water corn mill Fobden Farm being copyhold under the See of Winchester, certain the manor of Itchenstoke with the great tithes of the greater part of the parish and the advowson of the vicarage of the parish of Itchenstoke and 45 acres of meadow land in the p. of Alresford, co. Hampshire (further described) and certain copyhold lands, part of the manor of Old Alresford, co. Southampton (further described) and leasehold land in the p. of Stapleford, co. Wiltshire (further described). Upon numerous trusts, including the raising of sums for the maintenance and portions of the children of the intended marriage and the raising of pin money and a Jointure of £3,000 a year for Lady Harriet Mary Montagu from the estates, with the exception of the advowsons, in co. Wiltshire. Also 1. agree with 6 that if the marriage takes place and if William Bingham Baring dies before his wife, Alexander Baring will pay to Lady Harriet the sum of £1,000. After the deaths of 1., all the estates above, with the exception of the advowsons, and subject to the Wiltshire lands to the Jointure of £3,000, to descent to the use of the son or sons of the marriage of William Bingham Baring and Lady Harriet Mary Montagu.
Date8th-9th April, 1823
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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