Reference numberHINCH 1/18
TitleCopy of Settlement of 18th October, 1884
Description1. Rt. Hon. Edward George Henry, 8th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Rt. Hon. Hedworth Hylton Jolliffe, Baron Hylton, and Edward Birkbeck of Horstead Hall, Norwich, co. Norfolk, Esq. M.P. Recites: 1) Marriage Settlement of 3rd May, 1839 Marriage intended between Rt. Hon. John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich, and Rt. Hon. Mary Paget, spinster. The land involved was The Hinchingbrooke Estate. 2. The sale of parts of the land comprised in recital 1 and the purchase of other lands with the money. Some of the money has not been spent thus. 3. Will of the 7th Earl of Sandwich 24th August, 1882 To his eldest son, 1, and his heirs male, all his freehold lands in England and Ireland and elsewhere; to his trustees, 2, to the use of 1. and his sons in tail male, all his copyhold and leasehold lands; to 2 certain articles upon trust to allow them to devolve as heirlooms together with the freehold lands. A declaration that all the interests limited to 1 and his heirs male in the lands and heirlooms are on condition that 1 settles, within 8 calendar months of the testator's death and to the satisfaction of 2., all the estates to which, at the testator's death he should be entitled by virtue of recital 1., to the same uses as were contained in this will. If 1 refuses or neglects to do this, then the estates given to 1 to determine, and the estates and heirlooms to devolve to the testator's second son and his heirs male. 4. Death of the 7th Earl on 3rd March, 1884, and the will proved on 22nd May, 1884. 5. 1 wishes to comply with the condition contained in recital 3. 6. Disentailing Assurance of 17th October, 1884 1. 8th Earl of Sandwich 2. Andrew Alfred Collyer-Bristow of No.4 Bedford Row, co. Middlesex, Esq. 7. 2 are satisfied with the settlement proposed. Now 1 as settlor, grants to 2 The manor or lordship of Hinchingbrooke, the mansion house called Hinchingbrooke House, the Hundred of Hurstington, the Manor or Raveley and divers lands, tithes etc., in the p. of St. Mary, St. John and All Saints in the town and suburbs of Huntingdon, in Godmanchester, Hartford, Great and Little Raveley, Warboys and Alconbury, co. Huntingdon which were comprised in recital 1., with the exception of such parts as have been sold since 1839, but including the land which were purchased in stead of these; to the use of 1 and his sons in tail male. Also 1 covenants with 2 to surrender into the hands of the Lords of the Manor of Brampton and of every other manor of which the copyhold lands are held, all copyhold lands to which he became intitled on the death of the 7th Earl by virtue of recital 1. to the use of 2. upon trust to hold them to the use of 1 and his sons in tail male. Also it is declared that 2 are appointed Trustees to these presents for all the purposes of the Settled Land Acts of 1882 and 1884 and also for all the purposes of Section 42 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act of 1881.
DateJuly, 1885
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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