Reference numberHINCH 2/14
TitleAssignment of Security (by Lease and Release); 1) Sir Lawrence Dundas. 2) Gibbs Crawford; 3) George Hartley; 4) John Drummond; 5) James, Earl of Morton; 6) Sir Gilbert Heathcote of Normanton, co. Rutland, Bart. 7) John Heathcote of Great [Stukeley], co. Huntingdon, Esq., brother of 6; 8) Henry Drummond of [Charing Cross in the Liberty of Westminster], co. Middx. Esq.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Hinch 2/10 and earlier deeds. 2) £30,000 still due to 1, but all the interest has been paid. 3) 3 Bonds of 15th May 1767. 1 and his only son, Thomas Dundas Esq., bound in £30,000 to 5 4) Mortgage (by Bargain and Sale) of 15th May 1767. 1 mortgages to 5 lands in co. Norfolk for better securing of repayment of a loan from 5 to 1 of £30,000. Now for better securing the repayment of the loan of £30,000 2 Assigns to 6 residue of 500 year term 3 Assigns to 7 residue of 1000 year term 4 Assigns to 8 sum of £2,000 1 To 5 Lands etc. as in Hinch 2/10, subject to the slight changes made by Hinch 2/13. Endorsed: Reassignment of Security. 21st July 1777 Recites: 1) Death of 5 and his will, which appoints Bridget, Countess of Morton, his widow, plus 6 and 7 as executors, and his son John Douglas of His Majesty's 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, Esq., as residuary legatee. 2) Lease and Release of 14th-15th May, 1767, and that 3 and 4 never made the assignments to 7 & 8. 3) Repayment by 1 in July, 1769, of £10,000 of the sum of £30,000. 4) £20,000 still due to the Countess of Morton, 6 & 7., but all the interest has been paid. Now for £20,000 from 1 to the Countess, 6 & 7. 6 reassigns to 2 residue of 500 year term 6 & 7 and Countess and John Douglas agree that: 3 Shall continue possessed of the residue of 1,000 year term. 4 Shall continue possessed of the sum of £2,000 Annexed: Assignment of Security 23rd July 1777 1) 1 as above. 2) 2 as above. 3) Sir John Dick of Grosvenor Place in the p. of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middx, Bart. 4) Andrew Berkeley Drummond of the p. of St. Martin in the Fields, co. Middlesex, Esq. Recites: 1) Only £8,000 of the £30,000 secured to 1 by Hinch 2/10 has been repaid. Therefore, 1 has released the manor of Eynesbury and lands in the parishes of Eynesbury St. Mary and Hartford and St. Mary and St. John, Huntingdon, but the rest of the land stands charged with £22,000. 2) Bond of 23rd July, 1777 1 and his only son, Thomas Dundas, bound in £20,000 to 3. Now, for £10,000 for 3 to 1 1) Assigns to 3 the principal sum of £22,000 secured by Hinch 2/10. 2) Assigns to 4 residue of 500 year term 1 also agrees with 3 to procure from the now Earl of Morton a conveyance of the legal estate of inheritance in the lands to 3. 1 further agrees with 3 to procure from all who are possessed of any residue of a term of years in trust, assignments of the same to trustees nominated by 3., and that, in the meantime, these persons shall be possessed of the terms in trust for 3.
Date14th-15th May, 1767
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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