Reference numberHINCH 2/28-29
TitleRelease and Assignments of terms of years in trust; 1) Rt. Hon. George Earl of Morton, grandson and heir at law of Rt. Hon. James Earl of Morton, deceased. 2) William Smith of Bryanstone Street, Portman Square, co. Middlesex, Esq., and George Daniell of Essex Street, co. Middlesex, Esq., acting executors of the will of Anna Crawford late of Saint Hill, co. Sussex, widow and sole executrix of the will of Gibbs Crawford, late of Saint Hill, Esq., deceased. 3) John Thomlinson of Staple Inn, London, gent, administrator with the will annexed of George Hartley, late of Middleton Tyas, co York, Esq., deceased, constituted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 4) Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Dundas, only son, heir at law, devisee and sole executor of the will of Sir Lawrence Dundas, late of Aske Hall, co. York, Baronet, deceased. 5) Rt. Hon. John 5th Earl of Sandwich, the only son and heir of Rt. Hon. Dorothy Countess Dowager of Sandwich, deceased, formerly the Hon. Dorothy Fane, by John 4th Earl of Sandwich, also deceased. 6) Owsley Rowley of the town of Huntingdon, co. Huntingdon, esq. 7) Rt. Hon. George Montagu, Lord Viscount Hinchingbrook. 8) John Perkins of the town of Huntingdon, Esq. 9) John Forster of Guildford Street, in the p. of St. Pancras, co. Middlesex, Gent. 10) John Gilman of Staple Inn, gent.
Description(2 copies) Recites numerous earlier deeds including:- 1) Settlement of 23rd-24th August, 1771. (Hinch/2/16-17) 2) Lease and Release of 14th - 15th May, 1767 and the deeds endorsed and annexed (Hinch/2/14) 3) The death of Sir Lawrence Dundas and his will by which he devised most of his real estate in England and all of his personal estate to 4. 4) The two Leases and Releases and Assignments of 19th - 20th September 1785 (Hinch/2/47-48) 5) The death of the 4th Earl of Sandwich on 13th April, 1792 and the death of his wife on 17th July, 1797. 5 then became intitled as tenant in tail in possession to all the lands etc. Release and Assignments of terms of years 28th-18th September, 1798 in trust (2 copies) Cont. Comprized in the Settlement of August, 1771. (Mary de Salis having died before her sister, the Countess Dowager of Sandwich) and the term of 100 years limited to Augustus John Hervey and the trusts thereof having determined upon the death of the Countess Dowager of Sandwich) 6) Lease and Release of 1st - 2nd November, 1797 and the following Common Recovery (Hinch/2/18-21) These were to bar all estates tail etc. 7) Deeds transposing mortgages of 25th-26th September, 1798 (H/2/26-27) 8) The death and will of Gibbs Crawford, by which his wife was made his sole executrix. The death and will of his wife 2., who were appointed executors of this will together with John Pardon of the borough of Southwark Esq., have proved it. 9) The death and will of George Hartley. All the executors of the will have since died and the will has not been executed. Letters of Administration with the will annexed have now been granted to 3. 10) 5 has applied to 1., in whom the legal estate in fee simple in the premises comprized in the Settlement of August, 1771 still remains vested, to release these premises, and 5 has also requested 2 and 3 to assign the residue of the terms of years now vested in them. Now 2 assigns to 9 in trust residue of the term of 500 years. Now 3 assigns to 10 in trust residue of the term of 1,000 years. 1 releases to 8 All such messuages etc. as were by the Settlement of August 1771, released to Robert Jones (Hinch/2/16-17)
Date27th-28th September, 1798
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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