Reference numberHINCH 2/34-35
TitleMortgage (by a Demise for 2,000 years) (together with draft copy). 1. Rt. Hon George Montagu, Lord Viscount Hinchingbrook. 2. Rt, Hon. John, 5th Earl of Sandwich. 3. Robert Cooch of the town of Huntingdon, co. Huntingdon, gent.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Lease and Release of 25-26th September, 1798, (Hinch/2/26-27) 2) Lease and Release of 27th-28th September, 1798, (Hinch/2/28-29) 3) 2 now requires the sum of £3,000 and has applied to 3 to advance the same: 3 has agreed to this upon having the repayment secured by a Bond from 2. and by this present mortgage which will be to the lands to be demised an incumbrance taking priority over the mortgage to 1 for £5,800. 4) Bond of even date (Hinch/2/37) Now for £3,000 by 3 to 2 1 at the request of 2, demises to 3. The several pieces of land (134ac. 3r. 32p.) in the tenure of Brown as the tenant of 2 at the yearly rent of £150; the pieces of land (40ac.) in the occupation of Brown at the yearly rent of £30; the pieces of land (30ac. 2r. 12p) in the occupation of Howett at the yearly rent of £40; and the pieces of land (26a. 3r.) in the occupation of Mr. George James Gorham at the yearly rent of £40. All of these are part of all that plot of land lying in Brook Field in the p. of Eynesbury, co. Huntingdon, containing 304ac. 2r. 8p. (further decribed), which 304 acres + were awarded to 2 under the Inclosure Act of 37 George III in lieu of divers open field land belonging to 2 in the parish, and they form a part of the land in the p. of Eynesbury comprized in the Lease and Release of 25th-26th September, 1798.
Date2nd May 1800
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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