Reference numberHINCH 2/48
TitleAssignment of a Mortgage (by Lease and Release); 1. Andrew Berkeley Drummond of Spring Gardens in the Liberty of Westminster, co, Middlx., Esq. 2. Mary Hartley of Richmond, co, York, spinster, sole executrix of the will of George Hartley, Esq., deceased. 3. Rt. Hon. George, Earl of Morton, grandson and heir at law of Rt. Hon. James, Earl of Morton, deceased. 4. Sir John Dick, now of Harley Street in p. of St. Mary le Bone, co. Middlesex, Baronet. 5. Sir Thomas Dundas of Aske Hall, co. York, Baronet, only son heir at law, devisee and sole executor of the will of Sir Lawrence Dundas, Baronet, deceased. 6. Rt. Hon. John, 4th Earl of Sandwich. 7. Culling Smith of Hadley, co, Middlesex, Esq., and William Smith of Clayhill in the p. of Bickenham, co, Kent, Esq. 8. Hugh Boscawen of Hatton Hill, co. Surrey, Esq., John Wellford of Tower Dock, London, Esq., and Thomas Monro of Bedford Square in the p. of St. George, Bloomsbury, co. Middlesex, Esq. 9. Charles Monro of Gower Street in the p. of St. George Bloomsbury, co, Middlesex, Esq. 10. John Forster of the Inner Temple, London, gent.
Description(Marked: Nos HINCH 2 and 3) Recites numerous earlier deeds and also:- 1) Lease and Release of even date (Hinch/2/47) and some of its recitals. 2) To enable 6 to discharge the sum of £12,000 the residue of the principal sum of £22,000 due to 5, 7 have agreed to lend £10,000 and 8 + Culling Smith have agreed to lend £2,000 to 6. Now for £12,000 from 7 and 8 to 5. 1. Assigns to 9 residue of 500 year term. 2. Assigns to 10 residue of 1,000 year term. 3 Releases to 7 The Manor of St, Neots and all the manors, lands etc. of 6 in St. Neots, Winteringham, Bargrave, Hardwick Field, Caldecot near St. Neots and Eaton in cos. of Huntingdon and Bedford (further described) with the exception of the parcels of land, measuring 128 acres 3 roods 5 perches in area, lying on the land adjoining Bargroves Farm leading to Winteringham Corner, in the parishes of St. Neots and/or Winteringham. All of these lands are the residue of the lands conveyed by Lease and Release of 14th-15th May, 1767, to James Earl of Morton in mortgage which have not been exonerated by Sir Lawrence Dundas (23rd-24th August, 1771) nor comprized by Hinch/2/47 Endorsed: 1) Release and Assignment (by Lease and Release) 18th-19th January, 1796 1. Same as 7 above. 2. Culling Charles Smith of Devonshire Place in the p. of St. Mary le Bone, co. Middlesex, Esq. Recites: 1) The sum of £10,000 and some interest, secured by the above Lease and Release, still due to 1. 2) The £10,000 was part of the personal estate of Charles Smith, late of Wimpole Street in the p. of St. Mary le Bone, Esq., and came into the hands of 1 as executors of his will. 3) 2 is the only surviving child of the late Charles Smith, and has now reached the age of 21. 2 is now entitled to the £10,000. Now 1 assigns to 2 the principal sum of £10,000 secured by the above Lease and Release. 1 releases to 2 all the land as above. Endorsed:2) Lease and Release. 25th-26th October, 1799 1. Culling Charles Smith, now of Ruddington, co. Nottingham, Esq., and the Rt. Hon. Lady Anne, his wife. 2. Hon. and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley M.A., one of his Majesty's Chaplains and Vicar of Hampton and Staines, co. Middx, Culling Smith the younger of Harley Street, co. Middlesex, Esq., and Francis Law of Cannon Street in the City of London, Merchant. Recites: 1) Above Release and Assignment of 19th January, 1796 2) The sum of £10,000 still due to Culling Charles Smith. 3) Terms assigned to 9 and 10 by the Lease and Release of 19th-20th September, 1785 still vested in them. Now Culling Charles Smith assigns to 2 the principal sum of £10,000 upon such trusts as are made in an indenture of even date, being the settlement made pursuant to articles entered into on 7th August, 1799 before the marriage of 1 1 also releases to 2 all the land as above. 1 further appoints that until assignments be made, 9 and 10 shall be possessed of the terms of 500 yers and 1,000 years in trust for 8. and Culling Smith (of the 19th-20th September, 1785 indentures) and also in trust for 2. (of this indenture).
Date19th-20th September, 1785
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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