Reference numberHINCH 2/55
TitleSettlement (by Lease and Release); 1. Rt. Hon. John, 4th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Rt. Hon. John Montagu, Lord Viscount Hinchingbrook. 3. William Fellowes of Ramsey, co. Huntingdon, Esq.
Description(Marked A and AA) Recites numerous earlier deeds, including: 1) Mortgage (by Lease and Release) of 24th-25th March, 1768. 1. Same as above. 2. Rev. Thomas Dampier of Eaton, Co. Buckingham, Doctor in Divinity. £900 The site of the late Priory of Huntingdon, the manors of St. Neots, Hinchingbrooke, Little Raveley, Little Stewkeley and Eynesbury, the Advowson of the parish church of Eynesbury, the Hundred of Hurstington and all other the manors, messuages etc. of 1. in cos. Huntingdon and Bedford. 2) Mortgage (by a Demise for 1,000 years) of 22nd April, 1774. 1. Same a 1 above. 2. Robert Godby of the town of Huntingdon, gent. £200 Messuage, tenement or inn now called the Fountain Inn, in the p. of All Saints, Huntingdon, 3) Assignment of a Mortgage (by Lease and Release) of 3rd-4th October, 1780. 1. David Devisme, late of Clapham, co, Surrey, but then of Great Missdendon, co. Buckingham, Esq. 2 Same as 1 above. 3 James Eves of Broad Sanctuary Westminster, co. Middlesex, Esq. £1,800 by 3., at request of 2., to 1. in full discharge of the money due to 1. 1 and 2 to 3. the premises called the Fountain Inn (further described) all of which were purchased by 2 from the Maule family and conveyed by Lease and Release of 24th-25th December, 1772. 4) Mortgage of 1st-2nd September, 1784 (annexed to Hinch 2/51) 5) Lease and Release of same dates as recital 4, and with the same parties. 1. Conveyed the premises to 2. in trust that, if default was made in repayment, 2. should sell part or all of the premises and apply the proceeds to discharge the sums of £22,000, £500, £2,000 and £900 due to Sir Lawrence Dundas deceased, Dr. Walton, - and Dr. Dampier respectively and then to discharge the £25,000 due to 2. any surplus money was to be paid to 1. 6) The 2 Assignments of a Mortgage of 19th-20th September, 1785 (Hinch 2/47-48) 7) The several sums of £22,000 (see recital 6) £200 (recital 2), £1,800 (recital 3), £900 (recital 1) and £25,000 (recital 4), amounting to a total of £49,900, still remain due to the several parties. 8) Agreement between 1 and 2 prior to this present transaction. Now for £2,376 by 2 to 1 1. By the direction of 2., releases to 3 The Hundred of Hurtingstone, the site of the late Priory of Huntingdon, the manor or lordship of Hinchingbrook, Hinchingbrook House and the adjoining parcels of impaled ground called the Park and the Groves, the parcel of ground called Nunns Meadow, land in the p. of St. Mary and St. John, Huntingdon, (further decribed), the inn now called The Fountain Inn in the p. of All Saints, Huntingdon (further described), land in the p. of St. Mary, Hartford (further described) and all other messuages, lands, etc., of 1. in the town of Huntingdon and the p. of Hartford and Godmanchester which were not comprized in the Settlement of 23rd-24th August, 1771 (Hinch 2/16-17) i) To the use of 1. for the rest of his life ii) To the use of 3 and his heirs for ever in trust for 2., but subject to the sum of £13,677.10.0d., the part of the sum of £49,900 to be borne by these released premises. 1 further agrees that the Court Baron for the manor of Hartford he will surrender into the hands of the Lord the parcel of ground (4ac. 2r. 13p.) now in the tenure of James Lamb at the yearly rent of £8.10.0d and the parcel of ground (3a. 3r. 32p) now in the tenure of John Dixon at the yearly rent of £7.10.0d. to the use of 1 for life and then to the use of 2., to be held at the will of the Lord according to the custom of the manor. There is also a Schedule of the Deeds to which the Release refers.
Date27th-28th November 1789
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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