Reference numberHINCH 2/58
TitleSettlement (by Lease and Release); 1. Rt. Hon. John, 4th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Rt. Hon. John Montagu, commonly called Lord Viscount Hinchingbrooke, the only son and heir apparent of 1. by Rt. Hon. Dorothy Countess of Sandwich, his wife. 3. Owsley Rowley of the town of Huntingdon, co. Huntingdon, Esq.
Description(Marked:D) Recites: 1) Settlement (by Lease and Release) of 13th-14th August, 1691 1. Rt. Hon. Edward 3rd Earl of Sandwich and Rt. Hon. Elizabeth, Countess of Sandwich, his wife, one of the daughters and co heirs of Rt. Hon. John, late Earl of Rochester, deceased. 2. Francis Page of the Inner Temple, London, Esq., and Humphry Steer of the p. of St. Clement Danes, co. Middlesex, gent. 3. Rt. Hon. Francis Henry, Earl of Litchfield, and Charles Lord Clifford, son and heir apparent of Rt. Hon. Richard, Earl of Burlington & Cork. 4. Rt. Rev. Nathaniel, Lord Bishop of Durham, and Richard How, son and heir apparent of Sir Richard Cobham How of Wishford, co. Wiltshire, Baronet. Recites that 2. stood seized in fee simple of several manors etc., in trust for the Earl of Sandwich. Now the Earl and 2 release to 3. all the land comprized in the Lease and Release of 24th-25th December, 1751 plus the manor of Brampton and all other the Earl's freehold lands in Brampton, to hold to the use of the Earl for his life, then to the use of his wife. Elizabeth, for her life, for her jointure, and after her death to the use of 1's first and other sons successively in tail male. Recites: 2) Settlement of 13th March, 1740. 1. Rt. Hon. John, 4th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Viscount Fane, Baron of Loughur in the kingdom of Ireland, and his daughter, Hon. Dorothy Fane, the future wife of 1. 3. Edward Montagu of the p. of St. George, Hanover Square, co. Middlesex, Esq., and James Pearse of Warfield, co. Berkshire, Esq., since deceased. Reciting the intended marriage between 1 and Hon. Dorothy Fane and the above recited Settlement of 1691. Now 1 agrees with 3 that he should survive his grandmother, Elizabeth Countess of Sandwich, he will secure to his wife, Dorothy, if she still lives, so much of the manors etc., then in jointure to Elizabeth as should be rented for £400/year, as an additional provision for Dorothy in case she should survive him and in stead of all dower and thirds which she might claim from his estate: On Dorothy's death the same part should be held by their eldest son and his heirs male. Recites 3) Lease and Release of 17th-18th October, 1749 1. Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Sandwich. 2. Patrick Gordon, gent. Mentions 3 Common Recoveries suffered in pursuance of the Lease and Release in Hilary Term 23 Geroge II. The estate in tail male to which 1's grandson, the 4th Earl, is entitled in such of the land etc., comprized in the Settlement of 1691 as in hereinafter mentioned to be released, and all remainders etc. are now barred and the lands are assured to the use of the 4th Earl, subject to the life estate in them of 1. Recites 4) The death of Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Sandwich: Dorothy Countess of Sandwich still lives. 5) The 4th Earl and his wife have only one son, Viscount Hinchingbrook. Now 1 with the consent of 2 releases to 3 Lands with an annual rent of £195, now or late in the tenure or occupation of Robert Achurch and other lands worth £210 per year, late in the tenure or occupation of Richard Wills, deceased, but now of Widow Wills; all of which lands are in St. Neots, Winteringham, Bargrove, Hardwick Field, Caldecott near St. Neots and Eaton in the cos. of Huntingdon and Bedford. i) To the use of 1 for the rest of his life. ii) On the death of 1 to the use of Dorothy Countess of Sandwich for her life. iii) On her heath, to the use of 2 and his heirs male.
Date1st-2nd June, 1791
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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