Reference numberHINCH 2/70
TitleLease and Release and Assignment of several terms of years in trust. 1. Hon and Rev. Gerald Valerian Wellesley, M.A., one of His Majesty's Chaplains and Vicar of Hampton and Staines, co. Middlesex, Culling Smith the younger of Bedwell Park Farm, co. Hertford, Esq., and Francis Law of Great East Cheap in the City of London, Merchant. 2. Charles Monro of Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, Esq. 3. John Thomlinson of Staple Inn, London, gent, Adminstrator in the Province of Canterbury with the will of George Hartley annexed. 4. John Forster of Lincolns Inn, co, Middlesex, Esq. 5. Culling Charles Smith now of Hampton Court Palace, co. Middlesex, Esq., and Rt. Hon. Lady Ann Smith, his wife. 6. Sir Alured Clarke of Mansfield Street, in the parish of St. Marylebone, co. Middlesex, Knight of the Bath and General in His Majesty's Army, and John Clavert of Stable Yard, St. James's, co. Middlesex, Esq. 7. Rt. Hon. John, 5th Earl of Sandwich. 8. Rt. Hon. George, Viscount Hinchingbrook, only son of 7. 9. Sir Robert Preston of Woodford, co. Essex, Baronet, and Sir Alured Clarke. 10. Owsley Rowley of St. Neots, co. Huntingdon, Esq. 11. John Thomlinson of Staple Inn, London, gent. 12. Rt. Hon. John Henry, Viscount Templeton in Ireland.
DescriptionRecites numerous earlier deeds, including: 1) Lease and Release of 10 parts of 19th - 20th September, 1785, together with the two endorsements (Hinch/2/48) 2) Death of John, 4th Earl of Sandwich. 3) Lease and Release of 19th-20th December, 1799 1. 5th Earl of Sandwich, 2. Owsley Rowley. 3. Charles James Lewis. For £2,000 by 2 to 1 1 Releases to 2 The messuage, mills, lands, tenements and hereditaments commonly called St. Neots Mills (further described) part of the hereditaments comprized in recital 1. 4) Indenture of 20th December, 1799. 1. 5th Earl of Sandwich. 2. John Wellford, Culling Smith the elder, & Thomas Monro. 3. Owsley Rowley. 4. John Thomlinson. Reciting that 1, had paid to 2, the sum of £2,000 (the purchase money from recital 3) in discharge of the £2,000 secured as in recital 1. Now 1 agrees that an absolute estate of inheritance in fee simple in the premises in recital 3 should be conveyed to 3 and 2 assign to 4 the sum of £2,000 secured as above. 5) Lease and Release of 8th-9th July, 1804. 1. John Thomlinson. 2. 5th Earl of Sandwich. 3. Viscount Hinchingbrook. 4. Rt. Hon. John Henry, Lord Templetown and Rt. Hon. Mary, Lady Templetown, his wife, the only daughter of 2. 5. Rt. Hon. Mary Anne Julia Louisa Harriet Lowry Corry, now wife of 3. 6. Sir Robert Preston and Sir Alured Clarke. 1 Release to 6 (upon trust to sell some of the premises). The undivided moiety and all other shares of 2 in manors, towns, messuages etc. in the cos. of Armagh, Limerick and Tipperary in Ireland. 6. Marriage Settlement of 8th-9th July, 1804. (See Hinch 1/15) By this 5th Earl of Sandwich released to Preston and Clarke the lands etc, in recital 1 (except the messuage etc. conveyed in recital 3) with others on certain trust. It was agreed that Preston and Clarke should hold the surplus money from the sale of some of the Irish estates upon trust to apply it to the discharge of several mortgages affecting some of the Earl's Huntingdonshire estates. 7. Lease and Release of 30th June-1st July, 1806. 1. 5th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Viscount Hinchingbrook 3. Preston and Clark 4. John Calvert 5. Owsley Rowley. 1 Substitutes 4 as trustee to act with Clarke in the place of Preston. 3 Release to 5 to the use of Clarke and 4 The land as in recital 5 and upon the same trusts. 8. Part of the Irish estates has been sold. Now for £10,000 by 6 to 1 1., with the consent of 5 and at the request of 7, 8 and 10, release and 11 (for the purpose of releasing the sum of £2,000 assigned to him) remises to 9. Land etc. as in the Lease and Release of 10 parts of 19th-20th September, 1785 and all the rights etc. of 1 & 11 in them, with the exception of such estate and interest as is now vested in 3 in the premises as the administrator of George Hartley. To hold the premises (except for the mill etc. comprized in the Lease and Release of 19th-20th December, 1799, recital 3) to the uses and trusts declared in the Marriage Settlement of July, 1804 (Hinch 1/15) And 2 assigns to 11 in trust residue of the term of 500 years. 3 and 4 assigns to 12 in trust residue of the terms of 1,000 years. In the same land as released by 1 and 11 to 9 above.
Date14th-15th December, 1808
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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