Reference numberHINCH 2/82
TitleReconveyance (by Lease and Release); 1. John Fullerton of Thrybergh Park, co. York, Esq., Thomas Garth of Haines Hall, Co. Wiltshire, Esq., a Captain in the Royal Navy, and William Townsend of Doctors Common in the City of London, Esq. 2. Rt. Hon. John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Lease and Release of 15th-16th June, 1802 (Hinch 2/64-65) 2) Lease and Release of 14th-15th November, 1820, and its recitals (endorsed in Hinch 2/44) 3) Indenture of 19th August, 1830. 1. John Fullerton and Thomas Garth. 2. Harriet, Lady Drummond. 3. William Townsend. 4. Ralph Dunn. Reciting the death of General Thomas Garth in November, 1829, and that 1 wished to appoint 3 a trustee with them in his stead of the £18,000 secured to the late Charles Boone by 2 mortgages. Now 1 assigns to 4 the sum of £18,000 and the securities for the principal and interest upon trust immediately to assign the same to 1 and 3. 4. Indenture of 27th August, 1830. 1. Ralph Dunn, 2. John Fullerton, Thomas Garth and William Townsend. 1 Assigns to 2 the sum of £18,000 and the securities for the same. 5. No conveyance of the estates comprized in the Mortgage in recital 1. was made to Thomas Garth or William Townsend when they were appointed trustees: the legal estate of the inheritance in fee simple of these estates is now vested solely in John Fullerton as the only survivor of the original trustees. Now for £10,000 by 2 to 1 1., so far only as relates to their several and respective estates in these heriditaments, release to 2. Land as in the Lease and Release of 15th-16th June, 1802, but subject to the jointure rent charge limited to 2's mother and an annuity of £300 payable to Sir William Augustus Montagu.
Date29th-30th April, 1839
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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F/0009Montagu; family; of Hinchingbrooke House; Earls of Sandwich11th Century-Present
P/0057Montagu; Lord; John William (1811-1884); 7th Earl of Sandwich; of Hinchingbrooke House1811-1884
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