Reference numberHINCH 2/85
TitleMortgage and Assignment of a Mortgage (by Lease Release); 1. John Fullerton, Thomas Garth and William Townsend. 2. Rt. Hon. John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich. 3. Charles William Tabar of Lothbury in the City of London, Esq., Thomas Tilson the younger of Coleman Street in the City of London, Esq., and Charles Shadbolt the younger of Tottenham, co. Middlesex, Esq.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Lease and Release of 27th-28th November, 1812 (Hinch 2/44) 2) Death and will of Charles Boone. 3) No conveyance of the estates in recital 1 was made to William Townsend when he was appointed a trustee of Charles Boone's mortgages. 4) The principal sum of £8,000 is still owed to 1 5) 2 wishes to pay off the £8,000 and to carry into effect certain family arrangements. Now for £40,000 ie. 3 to 1. £8,000 and 3 to 2 £32,000 1 Release to 3 The land etc. as in recital 1 And 2 releases to 3 The Manors of Eynesbury and St. Neots, the land lying in the lane adjoining Bargroves Farm leading to Wintringham Corner in the p. of St. Neots and, or Winteringham, and all other the lands etc. of 2, in the p. of St. Neots, Winteringham, Hardwick, Caldecott near St. Neots, Eaton or Eaton Socon and Eynesbury (further described) And 2 also agrees to surrender into the hands of the Lord of the Manor of Brampton to the use of 3 Messuages and lands in Brampton (further described) Attached is a Schedule of the premises in St. Neots and Eynesbury.
Date1st-2nd May, 1839
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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