Reference numberHINCH 2/88
TitleDemise for 90 years; 1. Rt. Hon. John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich. 2. Charles William Tabor, Thomas Tilson the younger, and Charles Shadbolt the younger.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Settlement of 1st-2nd May 1839 1. 7th Earl of Sandwich and Rt. Hon. Mary Countess of Sandwich, his wife. 2. Rt. Hon. George Stevens Byng and Hon. Thomas Henry Armar Lowry Corry. 3. Rt. Hon. George Earl of Cadogan and Rt. Hon. John Henry Viscount Templeton. 4. Rt. Hon. John Robert Viscount Sydney and Hon Lordship of Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook House, impaled ground adjoining it, hundred of Hurstington, site of the late Priory of Huntingdon, land in the p. of St. Mary and St, John, Huntingdon, tithes of corn grain and hay arising out of seven pieces of land in the p. of St. Mary, Huntingdon, Fountain Inn in the p. of All Saints, Huntingdon, land in the p. of Godmanchester, manor of Ravely, land in the p. of Little Ravely and Warboys, Ravely Wood, the great and small tithes of Ravely and Warbois. Settled to the use of 3 for 99 years to secure the payment of £300 per year pin money to the Countess of Sandwich during the joint lives of 1., but subject as to certain parts of the estates to the annual rent charge of £1,500 being the jointure payable to the Dowager Countess of Sandwich and to an annuity of £300 payable to Sir William Montagu. 2) Lease and Release of 1st-2nd May, 1839. (Hinch 2/85) Certain of the lands were charges with a part of the yearly rent charge of £1,500. 3) Upon the treaty for the loan of £40,000 it was agreed that the estates in recital 1. should be demised by way of Indemnity against the jointure, but subject to the yearly payment of £300 to the Countess of Sandwich. Now 1 demises to 2 All the lands etc. in recital 1.
Date4th May, 1839
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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