Reference numberHINCH 2/119
TitleLease and Release (to make a tenant to the precipe); 1. Robert Dyneley; 2. Hon. George Montagu, Lord Viscount Hinchingbrook. 3. John Thomlinson; 4. Owlsey Rowley
Description1 And 2 release to 2 The same land as in the Bargain and Sale of 8th February, 1794. (Hinch 2/118) Endorsed: Indenture 21st January, 1800 1. John Thomlinson and Owsley Rowley 2. Robert Dyneley 3. George, Lord Viscount Hinchingbrook. Recites: 1. Common Recovery of Hilary Term, 1794 (Hinch 2/120) 2. Dorothy Hall, late of the p. of St. George Bloomsbury, co. Middlesex, widow, deceased, was in her life time and at the time of her death entitled to an equitable estate of inheritance to her and her heirs in remainder expectant upon the death without issue of James Pettit jnr, in one undivided moiety of several messuages etc. in the p. of St. Ann Westminster, the legal estate in which messuages etc. was then vested in John Tasker snr. and John Tasker jnr. 3. Will of Dorothy Hall, 1764 (Hinch 2/116) 4. In 1794, 3., by virtue of the wills of Dorothy Hall and James Pettit jnr., was entitled to an equitable estate tail in remainder expectant upon the death without issue of Thomas Hall in the undivided messuage. 5. Doubts may have arisen whether some estate or right etc., in the undived moiety did not pass to 1 by virtue of the Lease and Release and Recovery of 1794. Now to obviate all such doubts. 1, 2 And 3 declare that they did not intend the moiety devised by the will of Dorothy Hall to be included in the deeds of 1794 nor did they intend any estate etc., in the moiety to be conveyed to 1. the only intent was to limit to the use of 3 and his heirs such messuages etc. in co. Middlesex whereof he was already entitled to an estate tail in possession. And 1 release to 3 all such estate right title and interest (if any) as they have by virtue of the deeds of 1794 in all the messuages etc. which were devised in the will of Dorothy Hall.
Date7th-8th February, 1794
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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