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TitleSettlement by Lease and Release; 1. William Poyntz of p. of St. James within the Liberty of Westminster, co. Middlesex, Esq., and Isabella his wife. 2. Thomas Parker of Puttenham, co. Surrey Esq. 3. George Mason of the Inner Temple, London, Esq. and Noble Wallwyn Pytts of the Middle Temple, London, Esq. 4. Rt. Hon. John 4th Earl of Sandwich, Rt. Hon. John Earl Spencer, Rt. Hon. George Bussy Villiers Esq., commonly called Lord Viscount Villiers, and Henry Seymour of Sherbourn, co. Dorset, Esq.
DescriptionRecites: 1) Marriage Settlement by Lease Release 9th - 10th April, 1762 1. William Poyntz. 2. Isabella Courtnay of Paingsford, co. Devon, spinster, now wife of 1. 3. as above. 4. as above. 2 conveys to 3. one undivided moiety in the monastery and manor of Leyston, co. Suffolk, and the rest of her property in co. Suffolk, to hold to use of 4. on trust that after the death of Elizabeth Smith, the mother of 2., who later died, they sell so much of land as will raise £7,000 and apply this sum as directed and then pay the rents from the residue of the land to 1. for his life, and after 1's death to 2. and after 2's death, they sell the land and dispose of the money as directed. 2) The subsequent marriage of 1 and 2. and the subsequent birth of Georgiana Ann Poyntz and Charlotte Louisa Poyntz. An agreement with Edmund, Earl of Cork, owner of the other moiety to sell the whole for £25,000. The discovery that 2's moiety cannot be sold without the consent of Parliament. 3. Act of Parliament (7 George III). This enacted that all the lands of 2. in co. Suffolk should be settled on John Earl of Sandwich and Thomas Parker upon trust that they sell the undivided moiety and apply the money from the sale in the discharge of the £7,000 to 4. upon the trusts mentioned and then the residue to be applied in the purchase of messuages etc in England in fee simple and these to be settled to the same uses as the undivided moiety was. 4) 20th May, 1768 Sale by John Earl of Sandwich and Thomas Parker of the undivided moiety to Gerard William Van Neck of co. Essex, Esq., for £12,500 5) Payment of the costs of the Act of Parliament and the discharge of the £7,000 to 4. 6) William Poyntz and Thomas Parker, his trustee, own lands in co. Berkshire which are worth £5,500. William Poyntz proposed to the Earl of Sandwich and Thomas Parker that these Berkshire lands be bought with the residue of the £12,500 and settled according to the Act of Parliament. Now for £5,500 to 1. from the Earl of Sandwich and Thomas Parker. 1 And 2. convey to 3. to the use of 4. upon trust that 4 pay all the rents etc to 1. and on death of 1. sell all the land and apply the money for the benefit of the children of 1. Part of The Upper Farm (further described), part of Burds Farm (further described), part of Moors Farm (further described), part of The Lower Farm (further described) in the p. of Midgham, co. Berkshire, a messuage in the tenure of Clements Brooks in Midgham, co. Berkshire and woods (further described) in Midgham, co. Berkshire.
Date6th-7th July, 1768
CreatorNameMontagu family, Earls of Sandwich of Hinchingbrooke
RepositoryHuntingdonshire Archives

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